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AMP Diapers

How many diapers will I need?

Deciding how many diapers you should buy depends on the age of your baby and how often you want to wash the diapers. Newborns will go through up to 10-12 diapers each day, as your baby gets older she will go through less diapers. Here’s what we suggest to get started:

* 36 diapers for a newborn
* 24 diapers for babies over 4 months old
* 36 cloth wipes
* 2 pail liners

Babys ageNumber of diaper
changes per day
All in two diapersDuo pocket diapers
(pocket diapers/night
Fitted diapers and coversAll in one diapers
Pocket diapers =
1 diaper + 1 insert
0-4 months10-128 AI2′s and 36 inserts12 Duo’s and 36 inserts4-6 covers 36 fitteds36 diapers
4-12 months7-86 AI2′s and 24 inserts10 Duo’s and 24 inserts4-6 covers 24 fitteds24 diapers
12 months and up6-76 AI2′s and 20-24 inserts8 Duo’s and 20-24 inserts4-6 covers 20-24 fitteds20-24 diapers
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AMP 2 Layer Hemp Booster
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AMP Bamboo Booster
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AMP 3 Layer Hemp Booster
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AMP 2 Layer Hemp Insert
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AMP Bamboo Insert
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AMP 3 Layer Hemp Insert
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AMP Mini Wet Bag
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AMP Sized Duo Cloth Diaper
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AMP Pail Liner
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AMP Hemp Fitted Diaper
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AMP Diaper Sprayer
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