Reading to your baby has proven benefits. When you read to your baby or toddler, you're promoting bonding, stimulating language skills, providing sensory input... and you're just plain having fun!

But we also know that part of having babies and toddlers is that they love to put things in their mouths.  Indestructibles books at Lagoon Baby are fabulous reading materials for your future reader's little library!

4 Reasons to Include Indestructibles Books in Your Baby or Toddler Library - Lagoon Baby Blog

Why Indestructibles?

1.) Indestructibles are tough.
Babies and toddlers can be hard on regular books.  They chew on them.  The might throw them or flap them.  Pages might get closed in a way that rumples or tears the pages. But Indestructibles books are made of a non-toxic material that looks and feels like paper, but it's sturdy enough to stand up to gumming, drooling, chewing, or tearing. When the book gets dirty, simply run it through the dishwasher or washing machine!

2.) Indestructibles are bright and colourful.
The artwork in Indestructibles books use vibrant colours and whimsical images that are designed with babies and toddlers in mind. The images will capture the attention of a child, yet the imagery is still sophisticated enough to appeal to parents.

3.) Indestructibles include classic nursery rhymes.
Every kid should learn Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Humpty Dumpty (along with other classic nursery rhymes).  Indestructibles has a wide variety of these classics available, and they're illustrated by children's illustrator Jonas Sickler.

4.) Indestructibles include original stories
As awesome as the classic nursery rhymes are, it's also great to sit down with your child and look at books about baby animals, birds, and bugs. These little books are a great way to expose children to the idea of animals in the wild and animals in our gardens.

Reading is important to helping your baby grow and develop. Help stimulate your baby's senses and language development with reading at least a book a day. Stop by our Books section to ensure that you've got a wide variety of durable books to enjoy together!