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AMP Diapers

AMP Diapers were designed by a Canadian mom who was looking for the perfect diaper... and when she didn't find what she was looking for, she decided to make it herself! So many of her friends loved her cloth diapers and asked her to make them a set... and that lead to her company being born.

AMP Diapers are still proudly manufactured in Winnipeg, providing a fair wage with safe and comfortable working conditions. When you choose AMP Diapers, you're not just saving the planet - you're also giving your baby superior comfort and supporting Canadian workers.

How many diapers will I need?

Deciding how many diapers you should buy depends on the age of your baby and how often you want to wash the diapers. Newborns will go through up to 10-12 diapers each day, as your baby gets older she will go through less diapers. Here’s what we suggest to get started:

* 36 diapers for a newborn
* 24 diapers for babies over 4 months old
* 36 cloth wipes

Baby's ageNumber of diaper
changes per day
All in two diapersDuo pocket diapers
(pocket diapers/night
Fitted diapers and coversAll in one diapers
Pocket diapers =
1 diaper + 1 insert
0-4 months10-128 AI2's and 36 inserts12 Duo’s and 36 inserts4-6 covers 36 fitteds36 diapers
4-12 months7-86 AI2's and 24 inserts10 Duo’s and 24 inserts4-6 covers 24 fitteds24 diapers
12 months and up6-76 AI2's and 20-24 inserts8 Duo’s and 20-24 inserts4-6 covers 20-24 fitteds20-24 diapers

Products (Total Items: 17)
AMP Stay-Dry All-in-One Cloth Diaper - Hook & Loop
Average Rating(21)
C$19.99  C$16.99
In Stock
AMP One-Size Duo Cloth Diaper
Average Rating(74)
C$19.99  C$16.99
In Stock
*AMP Diaper Sprayer
Average Rating(25)
C$64.99  C$55.24
In Stock
AMP 2 Layer Hemp Insert
Average Rating(26)
C$6.95  C$5.91
In Stock
AMP Bamboo Insert
Average Rating(32)
C$7.95  C$6.76
In Stock
AMP 3 Layer Hemp Booster
Average Rating(61)
C$3.95  C$3.36
In Stock
AMP Hemp Fitted Diaper
Average Rating(23)
C$22.95  C$19.51
In Stock
AMP 2 Layer Hemp Booster
Average Rating(24)
C$3.25  C$2.77
In Stock
AMP Stay Dry All-in-One Cloth Diaper - Snap
Average Rating(11)
C$19.99  C$16.99
In Stock
AMP Bamboo Booster
Average Rating(14)
C$3.95  C$3.36
In Stock
*AMP Pail Liner
Average Rating(9)
C$17.99  C$15.30
In Stock
AMP Sized Duo Cloth Diaper
Average Rating(8)
C$17.99  C$15.30
In Stock
*AMP Mini Wet Bag
Average Rating(2)
C$11.99  C$10.80
In Stock
AMP 3 Layer Hemp Insert
Average Rating(7)
C$8.95  C$7.61
In Stock
AMP One Size Duo Power Pack
Average Rating(1)
C$153.54  C$137.40
In Stock
AMP One Size Duo Double Power Pack
C$307.08  C$274.79
In Stock
AMP One Size Duo Super Power Pack
Average Rating(1)
C$614.16  C$549.58
In Stock
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