*AW + Co Wooden Tool Toys - Maple Stacking Tools
*AW + Co Wooden Tool Toys - Maple Stacking Tools

*AW + Co Wooden Tool Toys - Maple Stacking Tools

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This little wooden tool set is the perfect little wood toy to let your little one's imagination come to life. Your little maker will love role playing with this set of wooden tools.  They have a simple design, perfect for little hands to hold and play with.  They will help teach a variety of motor skills, entertaining them for hours and allowing them to go around the house and fix all of the things!! Teach your little one each tool name, show them the proper hand motions for each tool, and encourage them to stack them up in a variety of ways.  Your little one will also show you how to play!

Each tool set is cut in house, meticulously sanded smooth in every corner, nook and cranny; and finished with love.  These heirloom quality toys are made to be passed down for generations.  These are eco-friendly, safe, natural and long-lasting.  Beautiful light hardwood (maple) finish.

Hammer 5.53"x4.08"x0.75"
Drill 4.65"x4"x0.75"
Pliers 4.5"x2.52"x0.75"
Screwdriver 4.87"x1.82"x0.75"
Wrench 5.25"x1.57"x0.75"
Handsaw 6.02"x2.77"x0.75"

Please note that each piece of wood is unique in its own way with knots & grains & designs.  Yours will not look exactly like those pictured but will be beautiful and uniquely yours. 

Suggested Ages 3+ 

Please check regularly for wear & tear and/or damages. Please do not leave your child unattended while playing with wood toys.

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