AppleCheeks Full-Time Kit - Both Sizes

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You've decided that it's an AppleCheeks all-in-two life for you? Then this is the PERFECT package!  The AppleCheeks Full-Time Kit - Both Sizes is what you need to cloth diaper your baby from birth to approximately 40 pounds. This kit is the perfect size for three days worth of diapers for a smaller baby, and even longer for a bigger baby! Each kit complete with AppleCheeks customer service promise!

The AppleCheeks Full-Time Kit in both sizes includes:
To use your AppleCheeks as an all-in-two, simply fold your bamboo insert and lie on top of AppleCheeks' unique envelope cover.  To use as a pocket, stuff your insert inside the AppleCheeks envelope cover's central opening.  The AppleCheeks size 1 storage sac is PERFECT for use on the go, while the AppleCheeks size 2 storage sac is an excellent pail liner.  Best of all? Because it's AppleCheeks, you KNOW that it's a top quality product that is proudly made in Canada!

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