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AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers are the brain child of Amy Appleton Venu and Ilana Grostern. These two ladies are always able to make sure that AppleCheeks are available to you in the trendiest of colours and prints! Not only do they make a great product, they head an amazing company that does good: they spread Peace, Love, and AppleCheeks online and donate a portion of the company's proceeds to the David Sazuki Foundation to help the world be a better place.


AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers are designed to be the perfect two step system! With most one-size diapers, there's a time when they won't fit perfectly: newborns often are too small for one size diapers and toddlers nearing potty learning can be too big.  With AppleCheeks, you can always get the perfect fit!  Size 1 fits from 6-20 pounds. Size 2 fits from 18-40 pounds. If you have a bigger toddler or a child with special needs, AppleCheeks has you covered with the size 3 and size 4 diapers!


You can customize your AppleCheeks to work best for you: lie the insert on top to use your AppleCheeks cover as an all-in-two, or stuff your insert in the envelope cover to use as a pocket. Even better? Your AppleCheeks inserts will agitate out, ensuring that you don't have to touch messy inserts. 


With AppleCheeks, you're getting more than just a diaper. You can round out your AppleCheeks stash with the wonderful Mini Zips, Size 1 Storage Sacs, and other accessories. Not to mention you can take pride in knowing that you are keeping your baby dry while supporting a great Canadian company with an amazing culture of Peace, Love, and AppleCheeks!

AppleCheeks Diapers and accessories are proudly made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

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AppleCheeks MiniMini Storage Sac
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*AppleCheeks SipZip
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AppleCheeks Flushable Liners
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AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diaper
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AppleCheeks Swim Shirt
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AppleCheeks Sized Envelope Cover
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AppleCheeks Size 3 Cover
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AppleCheeks Size 4 Cover
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