*Begin Again Nubbles - Single *CLEARANCE*
*Begin Again Nubbles - Single *CLEARANCE*

*Begin Again Nubbles - Single *CLEARANCE*

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Made from dishwasher safe natural rubber, Nubbles are 2 inch hollow balls covered with tactile "nubs" that make them perfect for grabbing, teething and bouncing! Try Nubbles with bubbles in the bath—a drain hole goes right through each hollow, bouncy ball, making it easy to keep them clean.

These balls are fun for all ages.  They bounce in such a crazy way, can be threaded onto a string or lace, and are even perfect for squeezing as a stress ball.

Made from natural rubber - no bpa, no phthalates.


  • Large openings for easy clean up: drain and air dry after use.
  • Dishwasher safe.  Place in top rack or cutlery holder.

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