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Best Bottom Potty Training Kit

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Everything you need to start potty training.
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Best Bottom Potty Training Kit Features

I Did It Myself!

Chosen by toddlers for the look and feel of real underwear! Easy for kids to pull up and down! Snap-in FeelWET inserts are soft and absorbent, leaving just enough moisture for kids to feel when they need a change. With cute prints on each insert, kids want to avoid accidents just as much as you!

Best Value
less money per change

Feel Wet
potty train faster

Kids' Choice
most like underwear


Snap FeelWET insert into training pant.

Unsnap wet insert if accidents happen and replace with a clean one.

Reuse until soiled or it's laundry day! Hand or Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.

The Best Bottom Training Pant is economical, easy to use and the #1 choice of toddlers!

Through thorough testing, toddlers chose the Best Bottom Training Pant because it looks and feels like REAL underwear! The soft and stretchy cotton outer with wick-resistant trim makes it easy for them to pull up and down on their own. The waterproof zone on the inner protects from accidents and allows you to snap out the wet insert and snap a new one in, reusing the training pant and saving you even more money!

Why No Snaps on the Sides?

Side snapping training pants were also called out by toddlers as diapers. For the occasional #2 accident, simply have your toddler stand while you slip the trainer to their ankles and carefully snap out the soiled insert.

How Many Inserts?

You'll need as many inserts as you'll have accidents. If your toddler is having frequent accidents or is in the early stages of potty training, you may want more FeelWET inserts. As potty training progresses, you can use even just one insert per day as long as there aren't any accidents! If the insert does get wet, just snap it out, wipe the inside of the pants clean and snap in a new insert! When soiled, a new pair of training pants is necessary. Many customers use 6-9 inserts per trainer when their toddler is potty learning.

Why Are They Not One Size?

The training pant is sized since potty trainers rarely change sizes during the time they are training, and we found that a one-size training pant with snaps on the front was labeled as a diaper by toddlers.


Small (2T)20-28 lbs.15"-20"12"-12.25"7.5"
Medium (3T)25-35 lbs.16"-22"13"-13.25"8"
Large (4T)30-40 lbs.17"-25"14"-14.25"8.5"
X-Large (5T) 35-50lbs

*FeelWET inserts are one size and fit all Best Bottom Training Pants.

I Have a Little Boy - Anything I Need to Do Differently?

With boys, you'll need to make sure when they pull their training pants down and up by themselves that everything is "pointing down." Early on you'll need to check for him, and teach him how to do this himself for the future.

Washing Instructions:

Your Best Bottom Training Pants and FeelWET Inserts can be washed on warm and tumble dried on low. No softeners or bleach.

It is important to us to support our local economy and do our part to reduce our carbon footprint! We are proud to say that all Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Products are made in the USA at local facilities!

What is the Full Circle System?

Ease right into potty training by snapping your medium Best Bottom Diaper Inserts in your Best Bottom Training Pants. This allows for a substantial amount of absorbency for early learning. Once your little one is getting the hang of it, transition them to your small Best Bottom Diaper Inserts to catch their smaller accidents.

Before you know it, they will be feeling like a big kid and ready for the Best Bottom snap-in FeelWET training pants inserts! These will catch small accidents with their thirsty microfiber, but are topped with cute cotton flannel prints to allow them to feel wet. The prints and patterns not only coordinate with their training pant, but deter them from having accidents! "Don't pee on the puppies and whales!"


4 Stars
Great for outings
Pros: Great for running errands. Keeps wetness contained. Can use my Best Bottom diaper inserts with the training pants. Kiddo likes his real undies. Cute prints on inserts. Cons: Not as stretchy as real underwear, so getting them off with a #2 accident in them can get messy. Other notes: I got these based on weight and the overall fit was good. If I were to buy again, I would go up a size since my son has chunky thighs.
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Reviewed by:  from Maple Ridge. on 6/17/2014
3 Stars
Love the snap in liners
We are loving the snap in liners for these, however, they are a little tricky to do without taking the pant all the way off. I only wish these had side-snaps.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Langley. on 2/1/2015
5 Stars
Awesome for Starting to Potty Train
When my oldest started to show signs of potty training, I didn't even know there was such a thing as cloth trainers (yes, we cloth diapered) so I went out and bought a pack of Pull-Ups. I hated them from the first accident we had in them. They literally have not held in one accident my daughter has had, so I mentioned it to a friend and she suggested cloth trainers. When I started researching the brand she'd suggested (Lil' Learners) it seemed like a huge investment for a relatively short time. You don't really know if your kid is only going to need trainers for a couple weeks or they might need them for a couple months but $250 was a lot. I started looking into the Best Bottoms brand because I was really liking their diapers and I found these. They're a lifesaver. You could easily buy 2 days worth for under a hundred dollars. They feel like real underwear and the snap in inserts that I love in their diapers turn out to be very handy and easy in the trainers as well. Absolutely love these! Top potty trainer on the market in my opinion!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Grande Prairie, AB. on 6/19/2017
5 Stars
super bien
Je ne les ai pas utilisé longtemps vu que ma fille était propre en 3 jours mais je les ai beaucoup aimé, j'avais aussi un de Grovia et un de Bumgenius et je ne les ai pas aimé du tout. Je reprendrais ceux la.
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Reviewed by:  from Gatineau. on 2/25/2018
2 Stars
overall not impressed
I wasn't particularly impressed with the fit or quality of these, and we hardly used the inserts included, instead using our regular medium Best Bottom inserts because of the absorbency. Overall my daughter did not respond well to these, and always had accidents in them that could not be contained. If I were to recommend cloth trainers, these would be at the bottom, but I gave them a chance because I used Best Bottom diapers exclusively and loved them.
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Reviewed by:  from Medicine Hat, AB. on 2/20/2018
2 Stars
I didn't love this training kit. We tried it, and although we tried to make it to the potty on time and often, when our toddler peed in these training pants, it was SOAKED and leaked onto her clothes. She was excited about seeing the little underwear but it resembled the best bottoms in style, so she wasn't as excited as real underwear. I'm not convinced in this system. Quality is good, but might not be the right tool for potty training.
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Reviewed by:  from Ottawa, ON. on 7/19/2016

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