Boody Baby Pull On Pant *CLEARANCE*

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Designed to fit well over any diaper, these eco-friendly pants are as fashionable as any pants that fit over diapers can be. Super soft, they allow for full movement, whether that’s rolling around, sitting in a high chair, or wrapping those adorable gams around your waist. With an elasticized waistband, these pants will fit any size baby, even one with a few extra ounces.

95% rayon made from organically grown bamboo   5% Spandex.

Boody Baby is: 
- extraordinarily soft 
- eco-friendly & ethical 
- free of toxins 
- hypoallergenic 
- anti-odour, anti-bacterial 
- super breathable 
- moisture-wicking & thermo-regulating

95% viscose made from bamboo*, 5% elastane
* viscose made from organically grown bamboo

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