Boody Baby Socks (3-Pack) *CLEARANCE*

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Now we offer the anti-fungal, anti-odor socks our customers have come to love in baby size. With a perfect non-slip sole to keep baby upright, these socks are super soft and comfortable which should make you and baby feel good. And, this triple pack features one of each color, for those who simply can’t decide.

95% rayon made from organically grown bamboo   5% Spandex.

Boody Baby is: 
- extraordinarily soft 
- eco-friendly & ethical 
- free of toxins 
- hypoallergenic 
- anti-odour, anti-bacterial 
- super breathable 
- moisture-wicking & thermo-regulating

95% viscose made from bamboo*, 5% elastane
* viscose made from organically grown bamboo

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