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Boody Baby Stretch Jersey Blanket

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If your baby is the one who squirms their way out of everything, try this stretchy wrap. Double it over, wrap, pull firm, and tuck the ends in well. Baby won’t want to squirm out of this, it’s so comfy. Trust us. This one will do the trick. And, you can use it as a playmat, or to cover the baby when taking a nap while you walk the sleeping baby. Its for everyone, and every time.

Boody Baby is: 
- extraordinarily soft 
- eco-friendly & ethical 
- free of toxins 
- hypoallergenic 
- anti-odour, anti-bacterial 
- super breathable 
- moisture-wicking & thermo-regulating

95% viscose made from bamboo*, 5% elastane
* viscose made from organically grown bamboo

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