*Bumbleberry Forest People *CLEARANCE*
*Bumbleberry Forest People *CLEARANCE*

*Bumbleberry Forest People *CLEARANCE*

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Bumbleberry Forest People are the sweetest characters for small world play. Inspired by nature based play and Waldorf education, we have carved the cloaks and features to be simple but aesthetically pleasing. The faces are left blank to allow children to easily project thoughts, emotions and play scenarios onto them.

Forest People are painted with a very light coat of our eco-friendly toy stains and sealed with natural sealant. We burn very simple trees onto the side of the cloaks to indicate their foresty designation!

Whether they are guardians of the forest, magical pixies, or beautiful additions to a nature or seasonal table, Bumbleberry Forest People are perfect for every playroom.

Forest People measure approximately 8.5cm tall.

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