*Calico Critters Bakery Shop Starter Kit
*Calico Critters Bakery Shop Starter Kit

*Calico Critters Bakery Shop Starter Kit

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Have the fun of a bakery without any of the mess! The Calico Critters Bakery Shop is all the accessories that a brave and friendly critter needs to bake and sell bread.

The oven opens so baking can be brought in and out, and a switch can be turned to "bake" the bread. The cash register pops open with the press of a button to ring out customers. The loaves of bread available in this bakery is diverse - there are buns shaped like rabbits, squirrels, and houses, and some realistic looking baguettes and croissants.

These accessories are all ideal for an adult Calico Critters figure, but  the baker's hat and apron can also be worn by Calico Critters children... so it can truly be a family business where the main ingredient is love.

We LOVE the Sweet Raspberry Home as the ideal building to set up a cozy little business.

What's in the Box? Oven, Drawer, Oven tray, Cash register, signboard, Awning, Shelf, Display stand, Table, Hat, Apron, Basket, Basket tray, Tongs, Rolling pin, Dough, Rabbit bun, Squirrel bun, Mouse bun, Bear bun, Cat bun, Dog bun, Panda bun, House bun, Butter roll, Pumpkin bun, Cream bun, Boule, Twist roll, Melon shaped bun, Rye bun, Croissant, Campagne, Twist bun, Batard, Parisian, Baguette (a total of 37 pieces).

Suitable for ages three years and above. Not recommended for under age 3 due to small parts.

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