*Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Seven Seas (1 Pound/453g Mega Tin)
*Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Seven Seas (1 Pound/453g Mega Tin)

*Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Seven Seas (1 Pound/453g Mega Tin)

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Treat yourself to the next BIG thing in Thinking Putty!

Our MEGA tin contains one FULL POUND of genuine Thinking Putty. That's FIVE TIMES the size of a regular tin. Grab huge handfuls, sculpt something epic, or gather a crowd around the table so everyone can play. MEGA tins are perfect for families, parties, and anyone who wants to think big.

All hands on deck! Time to set sail and take a journey through the Seven Seas! Stretch and squish your way through the ocean waves and explore the wild ocean life below with the sea life clay pieces in this clear-blue putty. Great for playing with other small toys.

Thinking Putty® helps build hand and finger strength through a fabulous tactile play experience with unique, unexpected properties and provides relaxing, yet stimulating interaction for anyone with sensory integration issues.

Crazy Aaron's putty is non-toxic, won't dry out, and won't leave a sticky or slippery residue on your fingers, so it's great for stretching, molding, bouncing, tearing, popping and playing by kids and adults alike.

  • Collection: MEGA
  • Includes tin with 1 lb. (16 oz.) of putty
  • Colour: Translucent blue with wild ocean life clay pieces
  • Features: Stretchable, Sculptable, Firm Texture
  • Materials: Non-toxic silicone
  • Ages: 3+
  • Warning: Choking Hazard. Contains Small Parts
  • Never dries out
  • Proudly made in the USAManufactured with the help of exceptional individuals with disabilities

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