Disana Knitted Cotton Tie-On Nappy

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This knitted nappy is the mainstay of the disana nappy system. Its stretchy knitted fabric follows baby‘s every move, keeping the nappy flush with your child’s body even when she has a really good wiggle. It's special form not only makes it easy to put on; it is also designed to fit perfectly from the first to the last day your child needs it. That makes disana knitted nappies far less costly than expensive disposables. Made out of 100% organic cotton.
Item #: 3203-2-2
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Use Disana Knitted Nappy as a part of the Disana Diapering System.  We also offer Disana Wool, Brushed Cotton Liners and Rawsilk Natural Liners to complete your System.  Watch the video to learn how see how it works! 

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