*Dough Parlour - Parlour Pack 3-Pack
*Dough Parlour - Parlour Pack 3-Pack

*Dough Parlour - Parlour Pack 3-Pack

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Handcrafted in Canada. Made from 100% non-toxic ingredients. After opening: store well-sealed in the refrigerator to optimize shelf life. Each dough pot is approximately 100g.

Our modelling dough is intended for play and is NOT edible. Please be advised that we use wheat ingredients in our modelling dough. Modelling dough is a potential choking hazard and is intended for children 2+.

Dough Parlour Details

Where is your modelling dough produced?

In Canada! All of our dough is hand-crafted in our studio outside of Toronto. We have our own professional production facility dedicated to our dough-making, and our studio is smoke-free and pet-free. We take cleanliness and safety very seriously! 

What are the ingredients in your dough?

Our dough is made from all natural ingredients: wheat flour, sea salt, vegetable oil, essential oils and premium bakery-grade coloring.

Do you use fragrance to scent your dough?

NO. We do not use any synthetic/artificial fragrances in our dough. All of our scents are 100% food-grade essential oils.

Is your dough VEGAN?

YES. Our dough contains NO dairy, eggs or honey.

Do you add any harsh chemicals or additives to your play dough?

NO, we do not use any chemical or artificial preservatives. We only use 100% non-toxic ingredients.

How long does your dough last?

Our dough can last for months if massaged and played with consistently, and stored well-sealed. 

How should I store our dough to make it last long?

Be sure to screw the lids on tightly to prevent the dough from drying out. We recommend storing your dough in the fridge AFTER it's been opened to keep it fresh.

For what ages do you recommend playing with dough?

We recommend our modelling dough for children above 3 years of age, because it is a choking hazard. There is no set limit thereafter as to what age can play with it. Many adults use it as a stress-reliever!

What if my child eats it?

It will taste as though they've swallowed a mouthful of sea water – gross! Even though our play dough is made from 100% non-toxic ingredients, our dough is a TOY product and is NOT edible.

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