At Lagoon Baby, we try to make the world a better place by selling natural, non-toxic, and reusable every day items. Another way that Lagoon Baby tries to make the world a better place is by giving back.  Each month, Lagoon Baby donates a portion of our sales to a charity.

June 2024
Since 1985, Wildlife Preservation Canada has been saving critically endangered species. For June, Lagoon Baby is giving back to Wildlife Preservation Canada to help them continue their mission to help save animals on the brink of extinction.

May 2024
Life for kids in a post-Covid era world has changed rapidly. Sometimes those changes (along with navigating all of the other changes of growing up!) can make things even more challenging. For May, we chose to give back to The Foundry.  The Foundry offers integrated care youth services, where services from doctors, nurses, counselors, and other support workers can be found in one place, allowing for smoother continuity of assistance. The Foundry is for youth and young adults, ages 12-24. There are multiple sites across BC, and they all offer walk-in services with no referrals required.

April 2024
One of the most amazing things about living in BC is the amount of wildlife we have... even in urban areas! Wildlife in urban areas can often mean distressed or injured wildlife. That's why we chose Wildlife Rescue Association of BC. When they first opened 45 years ago, there was no rehab centre for injured wildlife in the Metro Vancouver region, so they filled that need. Save the critters with Wildlife Rescue Association of BC!

March 2024
Kids need time in the outdoors to play. Teamwork builds learning and cooperative opportunities. Not to mention, sometimes sports can be just plain fun! For March 2024, we chose to sponsor the Ridge Meadows Minor Softball Association. Since 1978, girls 4-19 have been able to play and hone their skills in the Ridge Meadows Minor Softball Association. (Boys up to 10 are also eligible to join.)

February 2024
As a shop that caters to the needs and wishes of children and families, we believe that education is crucial for kids to grow up and have a successful life in the future. That's why for February, we donated to British Columbia's School District 42. School District 42 is the local district for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, BC.

January 2024
Sometimes people find themselves in tough situations regarding food and housing. With that in mind, we chose Salvation Army for this month. Salvation Army helps struggling people with community meals, emergency food hampers, and more.

December 2023
Every pup deserves a person. Every kitty deserves human servants. We're all animal lovers at Lagoon Baby, so this month we chose to donate to the Maple Ridge BC SPCA. The BC SPCA provides shelter for thousands of animals per year and helps them find homes, as well as emergency services for animals in need.

November 2023
What's more important to all of us than our families' health and safety? We couldn't think of anything. With that in mind, we chose to donate to the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation. The Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation partners with the local community to help fund up to date medical equipment so that our doctors have the right tools in their departments to help diagnose and treat patients.

October 2023
Our oceans are a treasure of unknown wonders. We know more about the moon than we know about our deepest depths. However, industries are aware that there are minerals under the ocean floor. This month, we've chosen to help protect the biodiversity and natural wonders of our oceans by donating to Greenpeace's anti-deep sea mining efforts.

September 2023
Every child matters. As part of Truth and Reconciliation Day, Lagoon Baby will be donating 100% of the proceeds from Every Child Matters Orange Shirt Day products (designed by Aboriginal peoples with Native Northwest) to the Aboriginal Front Door Society.  The Aboriginal Front Door Society is located in Downtown East Side Vancouver and is developed and operated by First Nations peoples living in DTES Vancouver, providing culturally friendly supports to other Aboriginal people and their friends in the area. 

August 2023
Watching a family member or loved one experience deterioration from a long-term illness can be heartbreaking. That's why for August, we chose to sponsor the Parkinson Superwalk! Funds that are raised in BC are used to help Parkinson Society British Columbia continue to grow their efforts in programs, services, advocacy, and research.

July 2023
Parenting can be hard. Believe us, we get it! With that in mind, we chose to donate to Maple Ridge Community Services to help fund their holding The Circle of Security Parenting Program. This program is an attachment-based parenting education program designed to help parents understand and build on their relationships with their children.  Strong parent/child relationships can make a brighter future for everyone.

June 2023
It's been a brutal year for fires across Canada. Some are caused by humans, some are caused by drier weather and lightning strikes. Sometimes people lose their homes. Due to the fire in Maple Ridge that cost over 100 families their homes, Lagoon Baby has chosen the Canadian Red Cross to help those families in their time of loss.

May 2023
Addiction is hard.  Not just for the addict, but for the family and the community.  That's why this month, Lagoon Baby has chosen Alouette Addictions Services.  Alouette offers a variety of services, including group therapies, opioid replacement therapies, and support for at-risk individuals.

April 2023
We're hearing on the news about the impacts of climate change.  In honour of Earth Day, Lagoon Baby has chosen an organization that works with scientists to make a difference.  Wildlife Conservation Society Canada uses science to quantify the impacts of climate change and make a case for action for the protection of plants and wild life.  Additionally, they work with First Nations peoples of the regions to support community-based monitoring to document and address climate and development impacts on their local wetlands.

March 2023
Illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion dollar industry. While most wildlife conservation organizations focus on science and anti-poaching, WildAid takes a different approach: WildAid works from a financial angle: reduce global consumption of wildlife products (reducing the demand), while working to increase local support for conservation efforts (decreasing the supply available to consumers). By adding this approach to other conservation groups' successes, the multi-pronged battle to save our wildlife is only improved. With that in mind, Lagoon Baby has chosen to support WildAid for March 2023.

February 2023
Pets are awesome.  Pets are fun.  Pets can be educational.  But exotic pets can put owners in over their heads.  What happens then?  Urban Safari Rescue Society can help.  This organization rescues pets (even the exotic ones!) from unsafe and unsuitable situations, and then takes care of them.  They also have programs to teach about exotic animals, how to properly care for them, and wildlife conservation efforts to keep those still in the wild thriving.  Unfortunately, Urban Safari Rescue Society has had a fire, so Lagoon Baby has chosen to donate to them this month to help get them back on their feet, rescuing, and educating.

January 2023
Inflation, rising housing prices, and general economic uncertainty is making it harder for people who need a hand up to find it.  Because of this, Lagoon Baby has chosen Mission Possible for our charity of the month.  Mission Possible empowers people typically excluded from the traditional workforce—like those facing homelessness and housing insecurity, poverty, and other barriers to employment—by paving a pathway to long-term jobs and lasting change.

December 2022
The health systems have been stretched to their breaking point since the pandemic. With that in mind, we've chosen to St. Paul's Foundation in Vancouver, BC. St. Paul's Hospital has performed hundreds of transplant surgeries and is a leading research facility. Their new facility east of downtown Vancouver has been built with sustainability and holistic wellness in mind, helping people at all stages of life.

November 2022
Families often need a wide range of help. Mental health assistance, parenting classes, Meals on Wheels, and a variety of other services available from Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services. They have been providing services to families and individuals in the region since 1971. This month, we're proud to have donated to the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services to help them further their mission.

October 2022
For October 2022, we've chosen to donate to Bouquets for Babas! Bouquets for Babas helps the elderly in long-term care homes feel remembered. Each month, they send out long-lasting, fragrance free bouquets to seniors in care homes and hospice centres.

September 2022
There are multitudes of varieties of cancer.  All of them can devastate a family.  For September, Lagoon Baby has chosen to donate to the BC Cancer Foundation.  The foundation is the fundraising arm of BC Cancer, and helps to advance care in the six locations across the province.

August 2022
For August, we chose to donate to Parkinson Society British Columbia.  Parkinson Society British Columbia helps those with Parkinson's Disease maintain independence, as well as funding Parkinson's research.

July 2022
In a time where our biodiversity is in jeopardy from environmental events and human encroachment, conservation becomes even more critical. Nature Conservancy Canada works with indigenous peoples, the Government of Canada, and more to work towards ecosystem restoration and more.

June 2022
In a time where housing and employment can be unstable and young adults are trying to find their footing, sometimes they need a hand. Pathfinder Youth Society helps people from 15-30 with overcoming their barriers that block them from entering the workforce or returning to school. Each year, they help around 90 people in the Greater Vancouver Area achieve those goals.

May 2022
Addiction is hard.  Not just for the addict, but for the family and the community.  That's why this month, Lagoon Baby has chosen Alouette Addictions Services.  Alouette offers a variety of services, including group therapies, opioid replacement therapies, and support for at-risk individuals.

April 2022
It's Earth Day! At Lagoon Baby, we love reusable solutions and environmentally friendly living through technology. With those goals in mind, Lagoon Baby has donated to Clean Air Task Force for April. Clean Air Task Force is a science-based organization that seeks technology and policy changes, as well as affordability, for making net-zero emissions possible.

March 2022
Cloth diapers are a cause near and dear to us. We love cloth diapers because of the reduced environmental impact vs. disposables. We also love that having cloth diapers are always there... because we recognize that not everyone has the ability or means to simply buy diapers. This month, Lagoon Baby contributed to the #lovecanchange campaign to send 200 cloth diapers to Rwanda through the Rise Together Mission.

February 2022
In BC, our license plates say "Beautiful British Columbia" across the top. We're pretty biased, but it's true. This month, Lagoon Baby has chosen to donate to the BC Wildlife Federation. The BCWF works to protect and preserve BC's fish, wildlife, and habitat so that we can enjoy them now while keeping them safe for future generations.

January 2022
This month, the world lost a great lady and animal lover when Betty White passed. She lived a long and amazing life. In memory of Betty White, Lagoon Baby has donated to the BC SPCA.

Lagoon Gives - December 2021 - Canadian Red Cross

December 2021
BC has been devastated by extreme weather this year. An entire town burned to the ground during our summer wild fires, along with smaller fires that also damaged homes and businesses. Flooding in the Okanagan and the Frasier Canyon areas has destroyed homes, farms, bridges, and railway access. With that in mind, we know that British Columbians need an extra hand this year, so we've chosen to donate to the Canadian Red Cross to help fund disaster recovery efforts.

Lagoon Gives - November 2021 - Food Banks BC

November 2021
For November, Lagoon has chosen to donate to Food Banks BC. At a time when Canadians are struggling with food uncertainty, we want to ensure that everyone has good food in their bellies. Food Banks are helping people who are struggling with rising food costs meet their needs.

Lagoon Gives - October 2021 - Canadian Celiac Association

October 2021
This month, Lagoon Baby has chosen to donate to the Canadian Celiac Association. The CCA is a registered Canadian Charity with chapters across the country. Their mission is to help those with Celiac disease or other gluten tolerance issues find safe food for them to eat, as well as general promotion of health for those living with Celiac disease.

Lagoon Gives - September 2021 - Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services

September 2021
With the hardships of COVID, people of any age may find themselves in need of assistance. They may need legal aid, mental health counseling, or parenting class... or any number of other community services. The Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services has been providing services to families and individuals in the region since 1971. This month, we're proud to have donated to the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services to help them further their mission.

Lagoon Gives - August 2021 - Canadian Red Cross

August 2021
Every year, we expect some amount of wildfires in the west.  This year, British Columbia was heavily impacted.  In effort to help our fellow British Columbians recover, Lagoon Baby has chosen to donate to the Canadian Red Cross.

Lagoon Gives - July 2021 - Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre

July 2021
Like the rest of Canada, Lagoon Baby watched in horror as children were found at the sites of multiple former residential school sites. We agree that every child matters. With that in mind, Lagoon Baby has chosen to donate to the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. For nearly 60 years, they've been helping meet the needs of First Nations peoples in Vancouver.

Lagoon Gives - June 2021 - BC Chihuahua Rescue

June 2021
For June 2021, Lagoon Baby has chosen BC Chihuahua Rescue in loving memory of Winston the Wonder Chihuahua. Winston was a Very Good Boy who lived for 15 years in British Columbia. He is missed. But not all Chihuahuas are as loved as he was. We've donated in hopes of helping more Chis find a home where they are just as loved and treasured as Winston.

Lagoon Gives - May 2021 - Bouquets for Babas></div>
<div><span style=May 2021
For May 2021, Lagoon Baby has donated to Bouquets for Babas! Bouquet for Babas is an organization that ensures that seniors in long-term care feel remembered. Covid has been especially isolating for seniors in care homes, as they may be unable to receive visitors for a long period of time. With that in mind, Bouquet for Babas sets up seniors with long-lasting, unfragranced flowers once a month as a reminder that someone is thinking of them.

Lagoon Gives - April 2021 - Mamas for Mamas

April 2021
For April 2021, Lagoon Baby has donated to Mamas for Mamas! Mamas for Mamas is a national charitable organization that supports mothers (and other caregivers) who are struggling with poverty. Mamas for Mamas provides a hand up to families in need. Currently, approximately 17% of Canadian families live in poverty. The goal for Mamas for Mamas is help these with the support that they need to improve their family's situation. No mama (or child) left behind!

Lagoon Gives - March 2021 - BC Epilepsy Society

March 2021
For March 2021, we chose an organization that's been around longer than we have! We've chosen the BC Epilepsy Society. For more than 60 years, the BC Epilepsy Society has been providing education, advocacy and support to those affected by epilepsy.

Lagoon Gives - February 2021 - Kids Help Phone

February 2021
For February 2021, Lagoon Baby has decided to focus on our children's mental health. We understand that in a time of increased isolation, mental health can suffer... even for our kids. With that in mind, we've donated to Kids Help Phone, a Canadian charitable organization that provides professional online and phone conferencing to youth for free.

Lagoon Gives - January 2021 - Friends in Need Food Bank

January 2021
For January 2021, Lagoon Baby has chosen to alleviate hunger. We know that in this time, food insecurity is of great concern. With that in mind, we've donated to Friends in Need Food Bank, which provides food for school programs to ensure no child goes hungry, along with numerous other community minded organizations.

Lagoon Gives - December 2020 - Raincoast Conservation Foundation

December 2020
For December 2020, Lagoon Baby has chosen to focus on the future. Raincoast Conservation Foundation uses peer-reviewed science and community engagement to generate "informed advocacy." The goal is to use education to inform and protect wildlife and wilderness habitats.

Lagoon Gives - November 2020 - Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services

November 2020
For November 2020, Lagoon Baby has chosen to think local. People are struggling throughout the world due to the pandemic, and the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services offers help. They offer legal, mental health, child/family services, and more to help those who are in need.

Lagoon Gives - October 2020 - Critter Care Wildlife Society

October 2020
For October 2020, Lagoon Baby has chosen a donation for conservation. Critter Care Wildlife Society specializes in the care, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned BC wildlife.

Lagoon Gives - September 2020 - Terry Fox Foundation

September 2020
For September 2020, Lagoon Baby has chosen a traditional donation. As our school-aged children prepare for the traditional annual Terry Fox School Run, we've selected the Terry Fox Foundation in order to honour a Canadian hero and help support the cause of cancer research.

Lagoon Gives - August 2020 - Canadian Blood Services

August 2020
For August 2020, we chose to donate to Canadian Blood Services. Lagoon Baby realizes that donating blood literally saves lives, and we want to do our part to assist. If you can donate safely, please contact your nearest Canadian Blood Services location to inquire about a cash or blood donation.

Lagoon Gives - July 2020 - Lagoon Baby Supported The Fraser Valley Conservancy

July 2020
For July 2020, we chose to donate to the Fraser Valley Conservancy. We believe in being the change that we want to see in the world. We do that by using reusable products whenever possible... and also by sponsoring organizations that work to ensure that we have access to clean water for future generations.

Lagoon Gives - June 2020 - Lagoon Baby Supported The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

June 2020
For June 2020, we chose to donate to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and help support those who are living with the uncertainty of brain tumours in their lives.  In loving memory of N. Tissina.

Lagoon Gives - May 2020 - Lagoon Baby Supported Black Lives Matter.

May 2020
For May 2020, we felt that it was important to express our support for the cause of Black Lives Matter. It's important to be the change that we want to see in the world, and part of that change that we strive for is equality for all.

Lagoon Gives - March 2020 - Lagoon Baby Supported WomanCare Pregnancy Centre, a Maple Ridge pregnancy crisis centre.

March 2020
WomanCare Pregnancy Centre helps women with their unexpected pregnancies in a non-judgmental way. Their mission is to support women as they make whatever decision is the best decision for them in their time of need.

Lagoon Gives - February 2020 - Lagoon Baby Supported Adoption Options, an Alberta adoption agency

February 2020
Adoption Options is an adoption agency that helps match babies in need of families with perspective parents.

Lagoon Gives - January 2020 - Lagoon Baby Supported WIRES, an Australian wildlife rescue and rehab

January 2020
The world is aware of the wildfires in Australia.  The devastation is widespread.  The world needs to pull together to provide resources to combat the fires and help the wildlife and people. That's why for January 2020, we've donated to WIRES.  WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue Education Services) is an Australian wildlife rescue organization that provides rescue and rehabilitation for all native Australian fauna.  As Australia's largest wild rescue, they are in the best position to provide rescue and rehabilitation to the creatures of Australia.

Lagoon Gives - December 2019 - Lagoon Baby Supported the Covenant House Vancouver

December 2019
Covenant House Vancouver helps at risk youth and homeless. These youth are often fleeing abuse and have aged out of foster care programs. Covenant House helps them with transitional housing and other services.

Lagoon Gives - November 2019 - Lagoon Baby Supported the Maple Ridge Youth Wellness Centre

November 2019
The Foundry (formerly Youth Wellness Centre) gives help to children and families with mental health services, including psychiatry and addiction counselling. Giving children the help that they need early on can help them lead fuller, healthier lives as they grow into adults.

Lagoon Gives - October 2019 - We supported the BC Family Hearing Resource Society

October 2019
BC Family Hearing Resource Society is the province's largest group for helping families with children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.  This organization has spent the last 35 years helping families communicate through teaching sign language instruction, mentoring, and other supports.

Lagoon Gives - September 2019 - We supported the Children's Wish Foundation

September 2019
This month, Lagoon Baby has donated to The Children's Wish Foundation. The Children's Wish Foundation helps children with life-threatening and terminal illnesses make their dreams come true with experiences to share with their families. The Children's Wish Foundation helps approximately 1,000 families a year through donations like this one.

August 2019
This month, Lagoon Baby is pleased to be donating to the Canadian Diabetes Association.  The Canadian Diabetes Association provides the nation with resources, research, and information about the disease.  They've proudly been helping Canada since 1953.

July 2019 
We donated to BC Children's Hospital. BC Children's Hospital provides care for the most critically ill or injured in the province.

June 2019
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has been dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke for over 60 years.

May 2019 We donated to the Ride to Conquer Cancer in support of the BC Cancer Foundation.

Cat Therapy and Rescue Society

April 2019
Cat Therapy and Rescue Society is a registered Canadian charity that specializes in in special needs cats, cats from overcrowded shelters, abandoned cats and owner surrenders that are at risk of euthanasia. The goal is to help these cats find loving homes where they can be happy, healthy, and cared for.

Giving Back - March 2019

March 2019
This month, Lagoon Baby is giving back to the Canadian Red Cross!  Since 1896, the Canadian Red Cross has been providing humanitarian aid across the world. We mainly hear about the Canadian Red Cross when it comes to disaster relief, but mobilizing humanitarian assistance is necessary at all times.  

Lagoon Giving Back - Chron's and Colitis Canada

February 2019
This month, we're donating to Crohn's and Colitis Canada! Crohn's and Colitis Canada is a national, volunteer staffed organization committed to finding a cure for these two conditions.  They work towards this goal by funding research, educating, sponsoring patient programs, advocacy, and awareness.  Since 1974, Crohn's and Colitis Canada have donated over $100 million dollars to research, facilitating treatments to improve the quality of life for sufferers of Crohn's Disease and Colitis.

Giving Back - January 2019 - Katie's Place

January 2019 - Katie's Place
For January 2019, we're donating to Katie's Place.  Katie's Place is a no-kill cat shelter in Maple Ridge, BC that is staffed by volunteers.  They have up to 125 cats at any given time, with some being rehabilitated to go to new homes and others who are unadoptable finding a permanent and safe sanctuary.

The Fauna Foundation

December 2018
This is our first month of our new charitable initiative.  This month, we're proud to support the Fauna Foundation through adopting Sue Ellen.  Fauna Foundation is the only chimpanzee sanctuary in Canada.  These chimps are former biomedical research animals with a new lease on life in the safe, protected environment provided by the Fauna Foundation.

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