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*Greenfield's Natural Remedies Tummy Tamer Colic Relief

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A unique blend of natural agents working to regulate digestive and nervous system functioning, helping to quickly ease and relieve digestive distress.
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To Use: Apply to baby's entire abdomen and chest area.  It is especially important to apply this cream in the direction of the baby's intestinal movement, from the baby's right to left, in a clockwise direction.  Increased absorption may be achieved by applying to areas behind behind the knees, elbow creases and groin area, where the skin is more porous, therefore more absorbent.  Applying to the soles of the feet and/or palms will also cover the body's relfex points, which relay throughout their systems via the nervous system. 

Remedial ingredients include:


Lemon Balm, Linden, Wood Betony, Dill Seed, Fennel Seed, Anise Seed and Lobelia herbals synergistically help to promote functional intestinal movement and improved digestive processes, while calming the nervous system, relieving tension and irritability.  Botanical oils high in omega 3 fatty acids (Perilla Seed, Camelina Seed and Sacha Inchi) help to support nerve conduction and metabolic functions, helping to relieve the irritability that results in dysfunctional intestinal peristalsis.  Essential Oils of Lavender, Dill, Rose and Chamomile assist in the regulation of intestinal and nervous system function, encouraging a more relaxed and balanced internal state.  Homeopathic Ingredients work to encourage and support "healthier" nervous system responses, reducing spasmodic activity and promoting calm throughout the entire being. 98% Certified Organic Ingredients

100% Natural, truly

Sustainably sourced, minimally processed, premium botanical ingredients

Low allergenic potential

Hand crafted with care

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