Homestead Emporium HalfWrap Reusable Cloth Liner - Single *CLEARANCE*

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These wonderful little trim liners are absolutely perfect for every day protection, especially for WIDE gusset underwear. Super soft, yet absorbent for such tiny little liners.

HalfWrap Liners wrap around the undies for a very trim extra bit of protection.

Super soft, hand dyed, bamboo velour tops, with high-quality, lightweight, waterproof fleece backing.


* Great for light daily protection, for use with a menstrual cup and very light bladder protection.

HalfWrap Liners have just one snap/size setting for less bulk. Approximately 2-2.5 inches wide when wrapped around and snapped.

All our pads are AIO (All-In-One) Style. No fuss, just wash and dry like any other laundry! We use only natural bamboo and/or cotton inside our pads, unless otherwise stated in the listing.

Made in Canada

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