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Homestead Emporium MegaMax Reusable Cloth Pad - Single

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Our new MegaMax pad is just that, a MEGA pad! This pad covers like no other!  This pad is HUGE! If you are petite, or prefer smaller pads, this pad may not be for you. The MegaMax is SUPER SIZE!

Celebrating the upcoming birth of a new babe? In need of the SUPER heavy flow protection? Look no further!

The complete SUPER Ultimate in coverage everywhere you need it, front, back, and sides. Especially great for night time when you're tossing and turning, or up to nurse/feed baby.

Super soft, hand dyed, bamboo velour tops, with high-quality, lightweight, waterproof fleece backing.


* great for SUPER heavy flow

These are not small, discreet pads. They are specifically designed to provide SUPER Ultimate coverage for those who need it!

All our pads are AIO (All-In-One) Style. No fuss, just wash and dry like any other laundry! We use only natural bamboo and/or cotton inside our pads, unless otherwise stated in the listing.

Made in Canada

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