*I Am Me: Affirmations for Children Book
*I Am Me: Affirmations for Children Book

*I Am Me: Affirmations for Children Book

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Empowering children to live each day with love and compassion for themselves and others through affirmations written for every wonder child. I Am Me: Affirmations for Children is an introduction to affirmations written in a fun way that children of any age can understand. It is a great book for parents, caregivers and teachers to read to children and babies. It is also a great book for children learning to read as it is written in rhyme and the words are not too difficult for beginner readers. It is a culturally diverse book because all children should be able to see themselves in it and know they are valued, they matter and they are capable of incredible things. Empowering children to believe in themselves and value who they are, is what matters most at Wonder Child Publications. Enjoy quality time spent reading with your wonder child! This is the first book of many to come for Wonder Child Publications. There are more books, activities and learning tools in the works!

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