It's World Ocean Day!

Did you know that June 8 is World Ocean Day? If you're on the coasts, it's a good day to clean your local beach with a little helper. If you're not? You can still have a little ocean-themed fun!

What to Watch:

Octonauts is a wonderful cartoon made for a BBC channel, and it's available on Netflix. We love Octonauts because it's got kid-friendly, engaging characters AND it's quite educational.

If you're more of a Disney+ family, there's the sweet family story of Finding Nemo. The story is more family and less educational, but it's beautifully animated with animals to encourage curiosity.

Ways to Play:

If you're able to clean up at the beach or just enjoy the day in the back yard, get in a little playtime! Park kiddo in the bbluv Sunkito Anti-UV Play Tent, maybe with a bbluv Splash Baby Paddling Pool and some Bubble Tree Bubble Solution.

But if you're looking for something more indoors because it's not so nice out, there's indoor play with realistic looking Schleich Hammerhead Shark, Schleich Baby Orca, and other Schleich Wild Life figures. There's also a wide range of wooden ocean themed figures by Holztiger for younger children or Montessori playrooms. Is your little learner more of a cuddler? Then Jellycat has ocean friends that are wonderful for snuggles, like Wally Whale and Alice Axolotl!

Don't forget to round out the day with a little ocean-themed storytime. The Fearless Octopus is a little octopus who goes on adventure and faces fears. If I Were a Whale ponders what life might be like if your child was a whale who lived under the sea.

Have a wonderful time together and make memories to cherish. And have a happy World Ocean Day!

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