*Ju-Ju-Be Wonder Woman 1984 Collection *Pre-Order*
*Ju-Ju-Be Wonder Woman 1984 Collection *Pre-Order*

*Ju-Ju-Be Wonder Woman 1984 Collection *Pre-Order*

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Take a step back in time with our first DC Comic™? | JuJuBe collaboration inspired by Wonder Woman 1984™?! Bright and bold, Wonder Woman 1984™? totally encapsulates the eighties! A colorful, neon background of abstract Ws blazing with gem-colored strokes embodies Wonder Woman’s™? strength and power! Vivid sapphires. Glowing emeralds. Radiant rubies. Center stage you’ll find the shiny gold WW logo that personifies Wonder Woman’s™? shimmering, solid gold armour and her impressive wingspan. Golden zipper pulls encourage every day heroes like you with the engraved mantra declaring “only you can save the day”. As you look inside to find white lining imprinted with the repeated WW logo in a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors, look inside your heart and repeat “life is tough but so am I.” Moms need superhuman strength to battle the daily grind and Wonder Woman 1984™? supports every woman, every day.  

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