JuJuBe Queen of the Nile - Now Available At Lagoon Baby - Maple Ridge/Vancouver/Tsawwassen

JuJuBe's Queen of the Nile print is a Legacy classic. It's historically one of their most popular prints ever: classic, simple black and white chevron never really goes out of style. But now JuJuBe has updated this timeless beauty for a new era of parents!

The original Queen of the Nile had mushroom coloured interior and shiny gold hardware. The new, updated Queen of the Nile has brushed gold with slightly raised new logo printing rather than the engraved style logo for a more upscale look. The interior has been changed to a brighter silver inner, so it's even easier to find what you're looking for and it's more on point with today's trends. The bag has also been upgraded to have a newer, thicker TPU for an even sturdier bag.

Additionally, JuJuBe has given us some absolutely fabulous new styles of bag, and now you can get your beloved Queen of the Nile in these new styles! But don't wait too long, because once the Queen sails away, she'll be gone for good!

Find the new Queen of the Nile on the Queen of the Nile Collection page in BFF, Be Right Back, Be Light, Mini Helix, Be Quick, Be Set, Mini BRB, Mini BFF, Hipster, Hippie, Zealous, Midi, Be Cool, Changing Pad, and Messenger Straps. We have the original Queen of the Nile in Be Neat, so you can keep a snazzy bib in your diaper bag as a back up! Original Queen of the Nile is also available in the Be Rich wallet so that you can coordinate in style - and it's also on sale for 20% off!

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