*La Petite Ourse Large DE LUXE Wet Bag Pail Liner

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Our new La Petite Ourse Large De Luxe Wet Bag is designed to fit as a liner in most cloth diaper pails and can hold up to 20 diapers. The elastic around the top allows you to use the bag as a pail liner or you can use the two straps located at the top of the bag to hang it from a hook. 

With of all of the specifications that follow, we call this the LPO Large De Luxe Wet Bag because it simply makes your life easier :

  • A zipper is sewn along the bottom of the bag allowing you to empty the bag without dirtying your hands!
  • 2 snapped straps at the top of the bag to help you find the perfect place to store the bag
  • 1 smaller bag is sewn inside the larger bag to store your dirty wipes to avoid contact with the diapers (and it also has a zipper for mess free washing!)
  • 1 piece of bamboo fabric is sewn inside the bag and allows you to put one or two drops of essential oils such as tea tree oil to help reduce odours and create an antibacterial environment for your diapers

Size: 68cm high X 60 cm wide

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