Lil Helper Biggie Bib - Moustachio Hipster *CLEARANCE*
Lil Helper Biggie Bib - Moustachio Hipster *CLEARANCE*

Lil Helper Biggie Bib - Moustachio Hipster *CLEARANCE*

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Remember before you had kids?

I know it’s difficult. But if you manage to think your way through the caffeine, sleep deprivation, and endless renditions of the “Paw Patrol” theme song that play in your mind, you will likely recall a life that looks very different than the one you have now.

I’m talking a time when leaving the house was a matter of collecting your own things and heading out the door.  There was no haggling with your toddler over whether or not they are willing to put on their shoes.  A time when car rides were peaceful affairs. You were allowed to listen to your favourite music, podcast, or talk radio program and not kids music on endless repeat.  A time when no one in your home threw food that was too hot, or too cold, or not exactly what they wanted at that particular moment, on the floor of the dining room. 

It was not necessarily a better time, but it was certainly a simpler one.  You enjoyed luxuries that you didn’t even realize were luxuries.  Like being able to do one thing at a time. Starting one task and seeing it through to completion, before starting another.

Now that your offspring have entered the game, those days are over.  You have become a multitasking guru. You could give lessons on productivity, while also cooking dinner and helping your 4th grader with their pioneer diorama.  You can reply to an email, brush your teeth, drink a coffee, and make breakfast.  All while doing the “hokey pokey” with your kid. Because that it what it is all about in the world of a parent. 

When you are this busy raising tiny humans and dealing with life, you have no time or patience for products or people who don’t do as much as you do.  Adorable but useless things that your child doesn’t need and which they outgrow in approximately three minutes?  Uber specific baby gadgets that only serve one purpose?  Single use baby products of any description?  You are far too good at being a multitasking momma or doin-it-all dad to settle for that.

So don’t.

Introducing the Biggie Bib. A magical piece of fabric that will not only replace that drawer full of baby bibs you have stashed somewhere, but that will help with more day-to-day tasks than you can imagine.

 Lil Helper Biggie Bib is Reversible

The Biggie Bib is made with waterproof, wipeable PUL on one side and absorbent bamboo terry on the other. Need to absorb the fire-hydrant-like stream of drool leaking from your baby’s precious but disgusting face? Biggie Bib’s got you. Want to protect that adorable but over-priced shirt from the messy snack that Grandma thought was a good idea? Also covered. And all with the flip of a bib.

Lil Helper Biggie Bib is a Food Catcher

We all know that watching your baby eat can seem similar to watching a documentary on Animal Planet. That’s why the Biggie Bib is designed with a food catcher, which can be snapped on either side of the bib and which catches anything that leaves your baby’s mouth.

Biggie Bib is Adjustable 

Fits your baby from birth until they leave for college. Seriously. I tried it on the other day and it fit me. As much as I hate to admit it, I am well past my days of dorm rooms and keg parties, so your babe should be fine for a while.

Biggie Bib is Multipurpose

Use the food catcher to give snacks to your Kiddos. The PUL side makes a great apron for messy projects. And no matter your food of choice, this bib will be essential when starting your baby on solids.

We know that no person or thing is ever going to be as good at multi-tasking as a seasoned parent. At least not until we can perfect the prototype for our bluetooth enabled diaper changing robot (with built in espresso maker and bottle warmer).

Until then we will keep bringing you products like the Biggie Bib to take a little bit of the work off your plate

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