*Lil Helper Wet/Dry Bag - Moustachio Hipster *CLEARANCE*
*Lil Helper Wet/Dry Bag - Moustachio Hipster *CLEARANCE*

*Lil Helper Wet/Dry Bag - Moustachio Hipster *CLEARANCE*

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Dry/Wet Bag
Okay, folks, real-talk time. As much as we all love our kids and want to do the very best we can for them- this whole parenting thing… well, it is not for the faint of heart.

When it comes to raising children, it seems like most of us are figuring it out as we go. And sometimes it shows. I think it is safe to say that a lot of us spend more days than we would like to admit just trying to keep our heads above the sea of toys, laundry, and fossilized Cheerio crumbs that have seemingly engulfed our homes. You drink your morning coffee (or tea, or wine… we don’t judge). You try to decide if you can get away with wearing that shirt one more time this week (probably not). You wonder if today is going to be the day that you finally feel like you have a handle on rearing tiny humans (also, probably not).

There are exceptions to every rule, however. Unfortunately this one is no different.

This exception’s name is Stacey and she has got this parenting thing completely figured out. Stacey’s hair, makeup, and wardrobe are always perfect, while you are trying to remember the last time your yoga pants made it into the washing machine. She has two toddlers and a newborn, but still manages to run a wildly successful Etsy shop. She shows up to playdates with warm scones, leaving you to wonder when she has time to pee. Perhaps the odour of lavender and sandalwood that seems to emanate from her very pores is the only waste her body produces, meaning she doesn’t need to use the facilities like the rest of us. Her perfectly behaved offspring sleep 14 hours a night. This means Stacey shows up to all events looking like she slept on a bed lined with unicorn hair and rainbows. Essentially, Stacey leaves you in a state of awe. She makes you question how your children are possibly going to survive to adulthood with you in charge. If all of this wasn’t enough to make you rage with jealousy, Stacey’s baby gear game is also on point.  One of my secret mom jealousies has always been 'sposie moms, with their cute little diaper clutches. Stacey is the queen of these and can head for a diaper change without having to take her whole bag with her. I know we all love our fluff, but the bulk can leave you lugging a lot of crap around (literally).

Well, no longer my friends!

Enter the Lil Helper Dry/Wetbag. Packed with with all kinds of awesome features, it will make you seem like you have it all together even on your worst day.

2 Bags in 1: This bad boy packs a double punch. It has a smaller compartment for dry stuff, and a larger one for wet. This gives you double the chances of leaving the house without completely forgetting something essential to your journey.

Holds 6 Diapers: The small side of the wetbag is designed to hold 6 diapers and the larger side holds even more. This means you can store all of your essentials in one place that has been designed to contain the mountain of mess your child is capable of producing on even a “quick” run to the store. 

Less Leaks: The wet side is specially constructed to prevent leaks. This means you can throw anything you want in there without worrying, creating the illusion that you are not carrying a bag full of poop and other assorted grossness.

Double Stitched on the inside: Constructed like a waterproof tank, this bag can handle anything you throw at it. Wet diapers? No problem. Toddler decided to jump in the fountain at the mall? You’re covered. Some genius parent decided to give away live goldfish as birthday party favors? This is probably where you should draw the line, but the bag wouldn’t leak. 

Snappable Loop: Use the loop to attach it to your diaper bag or make it hangable. Nothing says, “I’ve got this” like taking the task of lugging your child’s stuff around and making it magically hands-free.

Take it to the beach: Excellent to use for a day on the beach or at the pool. No more using a sad, old grocery bag. This much cuter, reusable option is a great place to store wet bathing suits and the metric tonne of sand that inevitably need to come home with you after a day at the lake.

 All the uses!: This bag will change your life. It has enough room to fit a whole day’s worth of diapers, true, but for shorter outings you can rock  it like a diaper clutch. Load it with all your changing essentials. Wipes, a change pad, and of course adorable diapers and awesome liners. Plus, no need to grab an extra wet bag, because it is built right in.

Freaking Adorable: Not only are the dry/wetbags super functional, they come in a range of super awesome colours and prints that will brighten your day and make your poopcatchers and other messy articles look as stylish as Stacey and her kids.

At Lil Helper we know that not everyone has it in them to be a Stacey, but using well designed products like our Dry/Wetbag will make you feel like you are. Even if your scones are store-bought and your shirt is a little funky.

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