Little Bipsy Collection H-Tops - Camo (Toddler Size 8) *CLEARANCE*
Little Bipsy Collection H-Tops - Camo (Toddler Size 8) *CLEARANCE*

Little Bipsy Collection H-Tops - Camo (Toddler Size 8) *CLEARANCE*

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Little Bipsy Collection H-Tops Camo are cute, fashionable, and designed with baby's development and comfort in mind. These one-of-a-kind high tops are created to fit your baby's feet like a dream... and our exclusive camo print is designed to be as fashion forward as you are!

  • Rubber flexible sole (size 1 is soft sole) 
  • Flexible rubber encourages natural foot movement
  • Designed to be worn as early as 0-3 months to 24 months
  • Hard bottom soles for sizes 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Elastic laces allows for oversize openings and easy on/off
  • Thin foam inserts for comfort and creates that perfect amount of support
  • Adjustable and secure velcro closure
  • Reinforced padding and support around the ankle
  • 100% genuine certified leather
  • Handmade with love using a compliant and ethical factory that surpasses all US guidelines and testing


  • Custom camo print outer with camel beige lining and white outer sole.

Sizing + Fit:

See images for size guide.

Please measure your baby foot. To ensure a proper fit, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Measurements of the shoes are from toe heal on the outer sole
  • Measure baby's foot from big toe to heel and allow at least 3-5mm for proper fit
  • While the shoe is on, check that there is wiggle room between their big toe and the end of the shoe
  • If your baby or toddler's foot falls between sizes, select the larger size


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