*Loot Bath Squiggler - 7 Pack
*Loot Bath Squiggler - 7 Pack

*Loot Bath Squiggler - 7 Pack

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Go on, try them... your kids will beg to bathe.
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Fill the bath and simply drop in a Bath Squiggler and watch. The Squiggler fizzes away, colouring the water while scenting the air with a fruity fragrance.


The magic, however, is what happens next. As the Squiggler dissolves, out pops a cute sponge character - 20 characters in 4 different colours that change periodically.

Ingredients:  Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, magnesium sulfate, essential and fragrance oils, FD&C colours, water

Hand-made in Vancouver, safe, non-toxic and 99.5% natural, our Squigglers are ASTM, CE, CPSIA and Health Canada approved for children over 3.

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