*Maileg Happy Camper Tent for Mouse
*Maileg Happy Camper Tent for Mouse

*Maileg Happy Camper Tent for Mouse

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Let the story continue! Our Happy Camper Tent is back and updated for more storytelling fun. The design this year includes a soft multi-dot, built in mattress at the bottom, so your mouse friends will be comfy while sleeping on the earthy ground. There's also a mint, super soft knit blanket for your hikers to cuddle up in on extra chilly nights. It’s easy to take it with you on your adventures, due to its ability to completely fold it down. Our Happy Camper Tent is made of durable cotton and is water-resistant to keep your mice dry after the morning dew settles.

Height:6 in.
Width:8 in.
Age:3 YR +
Wash:Hand wash
Material:Cotton & Faux Leather

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