Wash and Care Instructions 
for Cloth Diapers and Covers

Diapers in soiled pail, are put into washing machine.

Used Diapers - 

1. Wet cloth diapers go directly into the diaper pail, no rinsing is necessary. Soiled cloth diapers are rinsed in the toilet or sprayed with a Diaper Sprayer, then put into the diaper pail.

2. When the pail is full, dump the cloth diapers directly into the washing machine.

Wash on a Full-Cycle

3. Pre-rinse or do a short cycle with warm water and detergent.  Use the detergent you use for the rest of your laundry (without bleach). Avoid the use of fabric softeners, or use just a small amount (over use may result in reduced absorbency).

Wash on a Full-Cycle

Pre-rinse Diapers4. Wash the cloth diapers in a full cycle, at highest water level, using hot water, and your household detergent (without bleach). Bleach is very harsh against your baby�s skin and may damage the cloth diaper's fibers and elastics.

Drying the Diapers

5. The washed cloth diapers may either be line dried or dried in the dryer.

Used Covers:

Machine wash in warm water using your household detergent (without bleach) and tumble dry on low, or line dry.

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