Nuggles! Naturals BambooLUXE 2.0 Fitted Cloth Diaper
Nuggles! Naturals BambooLUXE 2.0 Fitted Cloth Diaper

Nuggles! Naturals BambooLUXE 2.0 Fitted Cloth Diaper

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Our new and improved version 2.0 incorporates serged outer stitching (instead of turned/topstitched) for a trimmer fit. It also no longer has sewn in soakers, allowing easy adjustability with the 4 layer snap-in contour soaker, and a choice to purchase an additional snap-in folded soaker for 8 more layers (sold separately). 

Size 1 (Newborn/Small) fits approx. 5-20 lbs.

Size 2 (Medium/Large) fits approx. 15-40 lbs.

HINT: If your baby is already 15 lbs, purchase the Size 2 diaper, not the Size 1.

  • Luxurious stay-soft bamboo/organic cotton blended velour
  • All natural and organic cotton, no synthetics like microfiber
  • Fully adjustable absorbency for day or night with a removable soakers
  • Snap-in contour soaker adds 4 layers to the wetzone

Natural fibres are an amazing alternative to man-made, petroleum-based synthetics for sensitive baby skin, and nothing else compares! These are the softest fitted diapers you will ever own!


1. ADJUST FRONT RISE SNAPS, snapped for smallest fit, unsnapped for largest fit.
2. SNAP IN 4 LAYER CONTOUR SOAKER if required (front snaps for boys, rear snaps for girls.)
3. SNAP IN 8 LAYER SOAKER (sold separately) for heavy wetting/nighttime use.
4. WRAP DIAPER SECURELY AROUND BABY fasten wing snaps for a snug but comfortable fit.

Important to know:

Natural fibres require extra diligence in care. Therefore, DO NOT USE: bleach, vinegar, lemon juice, laundry additives, fabric softeners, high dryer heat, etc. as these can prematurely break down the fibres.

Velour is an amazingly soft and absorbent material, but like all natural fibres, will break down over time. Natural fiber materials are not considered high-performance like their synthetic counterparts, and wear & tear is to be expected, however, should not effect the performance of the diaper. Linting is normal, and will slow down after the first few washes. Velour also will adhere to itself over time, creating a soft, sherpa-like effect.

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