*Ooly ClickIt Eraser - Sugar Joy
*Ooly ClickIt Eraser - Sugar Joy

*Ooly ClickIt Eraser - Sugar Joy

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These are the sweetest erasers you'll ever see. What could be more yummy than popsicles, candies, gummi bears and donuts? Sugar Joy Click-It Erasers are super fun and super useful erasers encased in a sturdy, easy-to-grip plastic casing that makes erasing really sweet!
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All you need is a few clicks and you're on your way to erasing your pencil mistakes with super cute erasers. These chunky barreled erasers are easy to hold and supply lots of erasing power. Sugar Joy ClickIt Erasers come in 4 styles and colours; collect them all!.

  • Clickable Erasers with sweet treats designs
  • Fun Clicking Action
  • Easy to Hold
  • Available in 4 Styles
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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