*Ooly Stickiville Stickers - Zodiac Book
*Ooly Stickiville Stickers - Zodiac Book

*Ooly Stickiville Stickers - Zodiac Book

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Are you an expressive Pisces, bold Scorpio, or a dynamic Aries? This sweet sticker book features ten sheets of zodiac stickers for every astrological sign, making it easy to add some inspiring fun to your school supplies. These zodiac stickers are also perfect for things like diaries, journals, and lunch boxes!
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Astrology lovers can follow the stars with this sticker book jam-packed with zodiac stickers that allow you to share the cosmic meaning behind your special birthday. It features ten sheets filled with an eclectic array of zodiac fun that includes everything from zodiac sign star maps to astrological traits. Fun and whimsical, this paper sticker book is great as an add-on for a gift or as a thoughtful treat for any sticker-loving kiddo!

  • Stickiville Zodiac stickers
  • Designs feature all twelve zodiac signs complete with the astrological traits and star maps that go with them
  • Includes one sticker book with ten sticker sheets
  • Matte paper based stickers
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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