*Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag *CLEARANCE*
*Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag *CLEARANCE*

*Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag *CLEARANCE*

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Size: 5 Gallon

Innovative Seam Sealing

  • The Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bags are washable, waterproof, and reusable - this means less waste!
  • They are the perfect in-home and office solution for recycling and everyday garbage.
  • The Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag is a convenient 5 gallon size for smaller spaces.
  • Ideal for replacing plastic grocery bags to line small wastebaskets (some states have banned plastic grocery bags and do not provide them anymore).
  • Many colors and prints available - something to match every space in your house!
  • Patent-pending seam sealing mean there are no leaks - even when filled with water!
  • Sturdy, no-pill elastic. Anti-Microbial, PVC-Free, waterproof PUL interior helps keep in odors.
  • Made in the USA

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