*Playmobil Alpaca with Baby
*Playmobil Alpaca with Baby

*Playmobil Alpaca with Baby

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Alpacas are camels and come from the South American Andes. Because of their wool and their quiet nature they are very much appreciated pets. Proudly the alpaca walks through the enclosure and watches the young animal attentively. The young animal stalks around carelessly and searches for food. The playset consists of an alpaca and an alpaca baby.

Are you looking to expand play?  These pandas go wonderfully with the Playmobil Zoo Gift Set!

Animals: 1 alpaca, 1 alpaca baby

Recommended for ages 4 and up. Not suitable for children under 3.

Lagoon tip: when the fun is done, pack these little critters in a Thirsties clutch bag so that they can be easily hung up or taken along for more adventures.

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