JuJuBe Queen of the Nile - Updated and Available at Lagoon Baby!

JuJuBe Queen of the Nile - Now Available At Lagoon Baby - Maple Ridge/Vancouver/Tsawwassen

JuJuBe's Queen of the Nile print is a Legacy classic.  It's historically one of their most popular prints ever: classic, simple black and white chevron never really goes out of style. But now JuJuBe has updated this timeless beauty for a new era of parents!

The original Queen of the Nile had mushroom coloured interior and shiny gold hardware.  The new, updated Queen of the Nile has brushed gold with slightly raised new logo printing rather than the engraved style logo for a more upscale look.  The interior has been changed to a brighter silver inner, so it's even easier to find what you're looking for and it's more on point with today's trends.  The bag has also been upgraded to have a newer, thicker TPU for an even sturdier bag.

Additionally, JuJuBe has given us some absolutely fabulous new styles of bag, and now you can get your beloved Queen of the Nile in these new styles!  But don't wait too long, because once the Queen sails away, she'll be gone for good!

Find the new Queen of the Nile on the Queen of the Nile Collection page in BFF, Be Right Back, Be Light, Mini Helix, Be Quick, Be Set, Mini BRB, Mini BFF, Hipster, Hippie, Zealous, Midi, Be Cool, Changing Pad, and Messenger Straps.  We have the original Queen of the Nile in Be Neat, so you can keep a snazzy bib in your diaper bag as a back up!  Original Queen of the Nile is also available in the Be Rich wallet so that you can coordinate in style - and it's also on sale for 20% off!
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JuJuBe x TokiDoki Fantasy Paradise Now Available!

JuJuBe x TokiDoki Fantasy Paradise Now Available at Lagoon Baby!

The latest JuJuBe x TokiDoki collab is now available at Lagoon Baby! You'll love this new collection, filled with lovely, vibrant blues and an array of your favourite TokiDoki friends. Donutella is playing as an archer, and a herd of Mermicornos are cavorting about near a castle! The Moofia is having great fun together, and there's even Piratako the Octopus Pirate.  Beaches, forests, and ocean vistas are all blended across this fabulous print with playful characters frolicking about.

You can find the JuJuBe Toki Doki Fantasty Paradise in the Be Quick, Mini Helix, Mini BFF, Mini BRB, Be Sporty, Be Right Back, Zealous Backpack, Petite Backpack, Midi Backpack, Grab and Go, Be Dapper, the Hobobe, and more!  But like all TokiDoki, the Fantasy Paradise is a limited edition.  Grab your favourite Fantasy while supplies last!
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Thirsties Otterly In Love Limited Edition Now Available!

Thirsties Otterly In Love Limited Edition Print - Now Available at Lagoon Baby Canada!

Once again, Thirsties has outdone themselves with a new and beautiful Limited Edition Print!  Meet Otterly In Love, the Valentine's Day print that's also fabulous for Mother's Day, Canada Day, Christmas... and any other time you want to enjoy the cuteness!  Otterly In Love features otters and hearts.  When otters are in the water, the mother will float along on her back while her baby rests on her chest.  Adult otters that are bonded will sleep in the water holding hands so that they don't drift apart.  Thirsties Otterly In Love features otters holding hearts and otters with a baby sleeping on her chest, with seaweed and hearts sprinkled throughout.  These cute and cuddly little critters are on a white background with Jet trim for an additional pop.

Otterly In Love is available in Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 1 & 2 (both hook & loop and snap closures), Thirsties Pocket with snap closure, Thirsties All-in-One, Thirsties Natural All-in-One Snap, Thirsties Natural Newborn All-in-One Snap, Thirsties Wet Bag, Thirsties Mini Wet Bag, Thirsties Clutch, and Thirsties Wet/Dry bags.  Add this cute print to your stash now, as supplies are limited!
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Three Reasons to Choose TotsBots

There are a lot of cloth diaper options out there.  We've got a lot of things for you to choose right here at Lagoon Baby!  People ask us what cloth diaper is the best.  While there's no single best diaper out there for everyone, we've just restocked TotsBots.  We love them here at the Lagoon, so here's three reasons that we think you'll love them, too!

3 Reasons to Choose TotsBots - Lagoon Baby Cloth Diaper Blog

1. TotsBots Prints are Adorable

TotsBots prints are always exclusive to their own brand, and every collection is guaranteed to be adorable on any baby's bum.  Bright colours, cheerful themes of animals, nursery rhymes, songs, or nature are sure to be a hit.

2. TotsBots Diapers Are Easy

The one size design and sturdy Velcro make them super easy to use and a favourite with grandparents and caregivers.  They're just as easy for a caregiver to use as a disposable.  Even better?  There's nothing to unstuff with the all-in-one pocket design.  That easy pocket also makes them easy to boost for overnights or super heavy wetters.

3. TotsBots Are Environmentally Friendly

Sure, all cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly than their disposable, single use, chemical laden counterparts... but TotsBots has an edge.  TotsBots waterproof outer is made of recycled water bottles!  Each one size Easy Fit repurposes two water bottles.  Each Teeny Fit newborn diaper uses one water bottle.  So choosing TotsBots means that you're choosing to put recycled product to good use!  TotsBots diapers are also OekoTex certified, which means no harmful chemicals against your baby's skin.

Have you added TotsBots to your cloth diaper stash?  What's your favourite TotsBots feature?

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JuJuBe x Harry Potter - Mischief Managed & Hogwarts Essentials at Lagoon Baby!

JuJuBe x Harry Potter Collaboration - Mischief Managed & Hogwarts Essential at Lagoon Baby!

Get the newest JuJuBe/Harry Potter collaborations! Lagoon Baby is THRILLED to offer the latest bags: Hogwarts Essentials & Mischief Managed!

Hogwarts Essentials is in Gryffindor colours with the Sorting Hat, Weasley sweaters, broomsticks, owls carrying letters, flying keys and more motifs of the Harry Potter universe that anyone, whether they are witches, wizards, squibs, or muggles, are sure to enjoy. As always, JuJuBe bags are designed so that you can actually see what's inside... so there are Gryffindor stripes on the inside so that you can find what you're looking for.

Mischief Managed is the perfect way to hide trouble making! These bags are black with a Hogwarts patch on the outer, but with a Marauder's Map inspired inner so that you can find whatever you need to manage the mischief in your life.

These amazing bags will be available TODAY at 4pm. Be ready to get your favourite styles, because these bags are sure to fly away as quickly as the golden snitch.

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Thirsties Nature's Canopy Collection Now Available!

Thirsties Nature's Canopy Collection Now Available at Lagoon Baby!

We're just in LOVE with the new Thirsties Nature's Canopy Collection! Thirsties has given us a collection that's so very Canadian that it'll be perfect in anyone's stash. These four new prints and one new solid are available at the Lagoon in Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps, Thirsties Duo Wrap Hook & Loop, Thirsties pockets with snap and hook & loop closure, Thirsties All-in-One, Thirsties Naturals All-in-One snap and hook & loop, Thirsties Natural pockets in snap closure and hook & loop, and Thirsties Natural newborn!

If you're not a cloth diaper user, check out Thirsties bags! The wet bags, wet/dry bag, mini wet bag, and clutch are fabulously useful for anyone on the go, and the Thirsties sandwich bags are a greener way to pack your lunch. Whatever you need, Thirsties will have a product that works for you.
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Jellycat Restocked!

Jellycat Plush Availalbe at Lagoon Baby in Tsawwassen Mills and Maple Ridge

We've got new stuffies to cuddle! Lagoon Baby has restocked online and at both Tsawwassen and Maple Ridge. Find your favourite Jellycat loveys or new plush playmates for your littles.  We've restocked fan favourites like the Bashful Unicorn, and we've expanded our Jellycat selection with new sea creatures like Herman Hermit Crab and Vincent Orca.  But there's WAY more awesomeness to these lovably squishy plush toys.  You can find great gifts for christenings, baby showers, Christmas, and any other occasion.  Babies from birth to 99 years will love the My First fluffies, Fuddlewuddle friends, and Bashful buddies!
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GroVia Buttah is Now Available!

GroVia Buttah now available at Lagoon Baby!

Now available at Lagoon Baby! Buttah is GroVia's super soft, snuggly line of blankets, wipes, and all-in-one diapers. Get the same great GroVia fit and quality that you love, but now with a new outer that's soft like "buttah."
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Fall Fashion at Lagoon Baby!

Fall Fashion at Lagoon Baby

Get ready for cooler fall temps with amazing fashions for your little one! We've brought in the fall collection by Little & Lively, Little Bipsy Collection, Lennon and Lime, TATTRD Threads, and Whistle & Flute.  Many of the clothing brands carried at Lagoon Baby are small shop and we are so proud to support other local companies.   Have the cutest kid on the playground with these fashions!

The Little & Lively fall collection includes adorably fun pullovers, leggings, and dresses.  These pieces are wonderfully vibrant and as unique and cute as your child.

If you're looking to build your baby, toddler, or preschooler a capsule wardrobe with lots of mix and match options, then the Little Bipsy Collection is the place to shop! The array of soft, comfortable and classically styled children's clothing has a base colour range that makes it a breeze to mix for your little one's freedom of expression and your own personal tastes.

If you like super edgy and exciting fabrics and colours, then Lennon and Lime pants will be the basis of your preschool wardrobe! These locally made pieces are fun, funky, and energetic.

For denims to round out any wardrobe, check out TATTRD Threads!  Find jeans that are on on point with this season's trends and are ready to rock in any preschool class or playground.  These distressed jeans are finished in BC.

Add a little whimsy with Whistle & Flute!  Whistle & Flute bamboo/cotton blend clothing is super comfortable (and can even be worn comfortably by some children with sensory issues) and fabulously fun.  Happy little food faces adorn most of their clothing, and their hoodies are unbeatable for comfort.  Build up your little one's back to school wardrobe today!

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AppleCheeks New Release and a NEW All-In-One!

We love AppleCheeks for several reasons... but right now, we're over the moon with AppleCheeks because of two new diapers AND a brand new AppleCheeks One Size All-in-One!

AppleCheeks has outdone themselves with these two new diapers, Turnip the Beet and Mellow.  Turnip the Beet is a whimsical veggie print that's on point with this season's trends.  Mellow is a limited edition solid, so order yours while supplies last!

Turnip the Beet & Mellow AppleCheeks - New at Lagoon Baby!

New AppleCheeks One Size All-in-One!

The new AppleCheeks One Size All-in-One is the diaper that AppleCheeks fans have been clamouring for!

AppleCheeks One Size All-in-One Infographic - Lagoon Baby Blog

This one size design looks like the AppleCheeks One Size Envelope Cover on the outside.  You'll find the snap rise to help give a good fit to most babies from 7-35 pounds and (of course!) AppleCheeks signature ruffles. Inside, you'll find 5 absorbent layers of AppleCheeks bamboo.  The outside is AppleCheeks PUL for waterproofing, and inside under the layers is an unlaminated layer.  The layers are longer so that you can fold the insert to get extra absorbency where you need it and to accommodate any size of the rise.  To use it, simply knock off the solids and wash with the rest of your diapers.  No stuffing or layering inserts required!

We're SUPER EXCITED about this new AppleCheeks all-in-one and hope that you love it as much as we do at the Lagoon!
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Buttons Diapers New Release - Camp Out!

Buttons Camp Out - New to the Lagoon!It's here, it's new, and it's amazing. We're happy to have the newest Buttons limited edition diaper at the Lagoon. Meet Camp Out!

Summertime is the time for outdoor adventures. Explore nature's flowers and trees.  Beat the heat by playing in the water.  Sleep outside in the great outdoors.  Camp Out is the perfect representation of all the promise of the summer.  This new print is a grey green newsprint style, filled with motifs of the summer! Bears, camp fires, mountains and more are printed on the diaper, representing the best things about outdoor adventures.

We've got this diaper in stock and ready to ship in Buttons Newborn, Buttons One Size, and Buttons Super.  Order while supplies last!
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Magic Carpet is Here!

Best Bottom and Planet Wise Limited Edition Magic Carpet!

Best Bottom and Planet Wise have a new limited edition print! Meet Magic Carpet!

Best Bottom Magic Carpet is a PUL outer.  The main colour of the exterior is black with purple, yellow, orange and red print.  The piping on the outside is black, and the leg gussets are red.  The inside of the Magic Carpet is orange.

Magic Carpet is now available at Lagoon Baby while supplies last.  This diaper is a limited edition, so order yours now so you don't miss out!
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5 Reasons to Choose the NEW Silikids Portable and Reusable Straws

It's time for slushy drinks and summer fun! Usually, when we buy that ice cold slushy drink or make one at home in the blender, we use a plastic straw for that massive size cup of cold treat... and there's been a growing awareness regarding the environmental impact of all of those plastic straws thrown away.  But now Lagoon Baby has the perfect straws to help you beat the heat!  Here's 5 reasons you should choose Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straws!

5 Reasons to Choose the NEW Silikids Portable and Reusable Straws - Lagoon Baby Blog

1.) Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straws save the sea creatures.
Plastic straws don't degrade or decompose.  At best, they eventually sort of crumble and end up in the ocean as microplastics.. which end up in the fish we eat.  Every time you use your Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straw, you prevent a little more waste going into the landfill.

2.) Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straws reduce recyling.
Even if you are awesome about recycling... all of that recycling has to go somewhere and it costs money to process.  Canada is amazing with having recycling programs in most regions... but part of living greener is reducing and reusing.  By using the Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straws, we're reducing our consumption of single use items and reusing them.  Canada produces so much recycling in our blue bins that a lot of it used to end up being sent to Asia... which means it's not really getting turned into new things all of the time.  That makes it even more important that we reduce the need to recycle!

3.) Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straws save money.
We already know that Canada's recycling programs are pretty awesome in theory... but what you might not know is that the cost of running these programs are increasing as the value of recycled materials drops.  That means that we pay taxes for all of this recycling, and as the costs increase... so do our costs.  Canada spends billions of dollars on recycling every year, and that cost gets passed on to us.  So when we choose reusables, we're helping Canada save!

4.) Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straws are convenient.
These silicone straws fold up into an included little tin that will easily fit in a backpack, diaper bag, or purse! The tins are no bigger than a tin of mints.  Simply pull the straw out of its tin and it will unfold into shape... and it's long enough for a 32 ounce cup!  They're also dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

5.) Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straws are FUN!
These long straws are bendy to fold up in their colourful tins. Each straw is the same colour as its tin, so you or your kids can use the straw colour that best fits the user's personality. 

Silikids Portable and Reusable Silicone Straws are new to the Lagoon!  Order yours now!
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4 Reasons to Include Indestructibles Books in Your Baby or Toddler Library!

Reading to your baby has proven benefits. When you read to your baby or toddler, you're promoting bonding, stimulating language skills, providing sensory input... and you're just plain having fun!

But we also know that part of having babies and toddlers is that they love to put things in their mouths.  Indestructibles books at Lagoon Baby are fabulous reading materials for your future reader's little library!

Check out these four reasons to add Indestructibles to your baby and toddler library!

4 Reasons to Include Indestructibles Books in Your Baby or Toddler Library - Lagoon Baby Blog
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Posh Peanut Robes!

Posh Peanut Robes for Mother's Day at Lagoon Baby!

Get ready for Mother's Day with the ultimate in comfort! Posh Peanut mommy robes are designed for pregnancy and beyond. No detail has been overlooked to make these robes perfection.

Posh Peanut robes are made of fantastically snuggly and luxuriously soft bamboo viscose. The seams are soft and designed to not bother already itchy moms... and there's no itchy tag to rub, either. A hidden tie inside the robe helps secure your robe in place for no unwanted peekaboo moments, and deep pockets give a place to stash a tissue or quickly hide a little sweet treat.  For expectant moms, the hidden tie is positioned to make it fit wonderfully under baby bumps. These robes will quickly become mom's favourite thing to wear - she'll be so comfortable that she'll never want to get dressed!

Even better?  Posh Peanut doesn't require that moms sacrifice style for comfort. Moms and moms-to-be deserve to feel beautiful even when she's tired from the demands of motherhood or growing a little person, and Posh Peanut mommy robes will give her that little touch of beauty. Find that special mom's style in Posh Peanut's solids and floral prints. You can even find matching Mommy & Me pieces for her child in rompers, newborn knotted gowns, or twirly dresses for toddlers!

Give yourself or a special mom (or mom-to-be) in your life the comfort and beauty of a Posh Peanut mommy robe for Mother's Day!

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Brok Boys Clothing - New to the Lagoon!

Brok Boys Clothing - New to the Lagoon!

By popular demand, we've brought in a selection of Brok Boys clothing! Brok Boys are a fun, exciting brand of clothing made of high quality bamboo knits. Even better? These outfits are designed in the Okanagan and proudly manufactured in Canada! You won't want to miss out on these awesome pants, rompers, and hoodies!
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