*Schleich Bayala Collectible Hatching Baby Plant
*Schleich Bayala Collectible Hatching Baby Plant

*Schleich Bayala Collectible Hatching Baby Plant

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What’s that peeking out of the egg? It’s a magical baby plant! New for 2023, the collectible baby plants from schleich® bayala come nestled inside a mystery egg. Each egg includes 1 collectible plant and mini poster of the plant inside. Collect all 12 miniatures, including two specials!
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Which of the twelve baby plants will you end up with? This is an enchanting event you won’t want to miss: The little baby plant hatches from the egg and looks around in wonder at what’s going on beyond its shell. How cute it is with those big old eyes and all the glitter on its body. But where have all the other magical baby plants gone? Without its brothers and sisters, the other collectible eggs, this baby is feeling a bit lonely. Maybe you can keep it company for now?

  • GREAT GIFT FOR EASTER BASKETS! Little ones will giggle with delight when they hatch the precious plant baby from the colorful egg. The mystery egg is the perfect Easter basket gift idea!
  • COLLECT ALL 12! The schleich® Bayala® Hatching Baby Plants collection includes a dozen character designs—scoop 'em up fast!
  • FUN GIFTS FOR KIDS! Looking for birthday gift bag ideas? Table toppers? Stocking stuffers? Add a fun, playful surprise to any occasion with the Hatching Animal Babies!
  • KIDS AGES 3 AND UP. Fun for kids who love plants, babies, cute toys, and letting their imaginations run wild.

Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
Dimensions: 1.8898 x 1.8898 x 1.8898 inch
Content: 1x egg, 1x baby plant, 1x poster

Please Note: These are "blind boxed" items - meaning, you don't get to choose what assortment of figure(s) you'll receive. You won't know which one you're getting until it arrives. Think of it as a sweet surprise! Please understand that due to the production process, variations may occur from figure to figure. As these are blind boxed items, duplicates may also occur. Ordering 12 blind boxes does not guarantee that you will receive all 12 characters.

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