*Schleich Bayala Dragon Island with Treasure
*Schleich Bayala Dragon Island with Treasure

*Schleich Bayala Dragon Island with Treasure

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The Dragon Island with treasure is a magical spot in the middle of the bayala ocean. Here, the dragon mum, dragon baby, dolphin baby, and you can go on holiday, play and build sand castles. But don’t forget to hide the magic dragon crystal safely in the treasure chest.

11.81 x 7.87 x 5.91 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation
5-12 years


1x mummy dragon, 1x baby dragon, 1x baby dolphin, 1x hammock, 2x palm trees, 1x sea, 1x island/sandbank, 1x treasure chest, 1x crystal, 1x leaf plate, 1x dragon fruit, 1x crystal chalice, 1x sticker

Although the magic Dragon Island isn’t really huge, it is huge fun. Because here, the dragon mum, the cute dragon baby, the adorable dolphin baby and you can go on a carefree holiday and play. The dragon baby can swing in the hammock, cozy up between its mum’s shoulders or tumble down the sand slide in an egg, while you guard the magic dragon crystal in the treasure chest and build sand castles together with the dragon mum. And who knows, perhaps the mermaid princess Isabelle will come by in her royal seashell carriage with her friends Gabriella, Annabelle and Michelle. In any case, it never gets boring here.

Fun Fact

No one except you knows the secret where exactly the Dragon Island lies.

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