*Schleich Bayala Llama Unicorn Foal
*Schleich Bayala Llama Unicorn Foal

*Schleich Bayala Llama Unicorn Foal

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Part llama, part unicorn, and 100% fabulous, the llamacorn foal may be the most adorable animal EVER. Journey into a world of enchantment with the schleich® Llamacorn figurine and add a twinkle of magic to your playroom.
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The sweet Llama unicorn foal is lucky because it was born in BAYALA®. It can wander over the multi-colored flower meadows with its mother and other magical animals and go on exciting adventures in the beautiful world of BAYALA®. It loves to proudly show the glitter blossoms in its hair. Aren’t they beautiful? Glitter is even all over the hooves, coat and legs. Where has the Llama Unicorn foal been jumping around this time? The glitter looks so adorable!

Additional Information
  • FUN, IMAGINATIVE DESIGN. Get the gears of play purring with this whimsical creature.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. Made with sturdy, long-lasting materials, and a sprinkling of magic.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED. schleich® toys are famous worldwide – and throughout magical kingdoms – for their intricate details.
  • MAGICAL GIFTS FOR KIDS. This little llamacorn foal likes hiding in gift bags and holiday stockings – the natural habitats of any good llamacorn gift.
  • TOYS FOR AGES 5 AND UP. This schleich® product is part of the BAYALA® theme world and is suitable for children ages 5 and up.
Age Recommendation: 5-12 years
Dimensions: 2.3622 x 0.9055 x 3.2677 inch
Pieces: 1 Llamacorn foal

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