*Schleich Bayala Magical Underwater Tournament
*Schleich Bayala Magical Underwater Tournament

*Schleich Bayala Magical Underwater Tournament

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Two beautiful mythological creatures are competing in a test of aquatic agility and speed. In lane 1, it's the unicorn with the tail fin of a mermaid. In lane 2, it's the hippocampus – part horse, part fish. They crouch eagerly at the starting line. A gurgle of bubbles signals the start of the race...and there they go! Who will win this underwater obstacle course? You decide!
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  • Half horse, half fish, and 100% mesmerizing…the beautiful hippocampus is a rare creature to behold! And don't forget the unicorn with a mermaid's fin…a seahorse if ever there was one!
  • Could a llama or a dressage horse enter the Magical Underwater Tournament? Of course! Our toys believe the best stories have no scripts, no rules, and no limitations.
  • Practically swimming with play accessories, including an underwater slide, a tunnel, tournament flags, bunting, a treasured pearl marble, and more!
  • For even more fun, combine this set with the rest of the schleich® BAYALA® play world…where fairies, elves, mermaids, and unicorns dwell!
  • Makes a great gift for kids who love fantasy, fairy tales, myths and legends.
Recommended for age 5-12

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