*Schleich Bayala Peach Rings Collectible Unicorn
*Schleich Bayala Peach Rings Collectible Unicorn

*Schleich Bayala Peach Rings Collectible Unicorn

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Hey there! I'm Peach Rings Unicorn, and I'm known for my charm and hospitality. I’m one of 26 collectible unicorn toys from Schleich inspired by fruits, flowers, and sweet desserts. Round up the entire herd – me and my festive fabled friends are suitable for kids 5 and up and available for a limited time.
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A sprinkle of magic and a twinkle of imagination…a delicious enchantment is stirring in the secret gardens of BAYALA®. Colorful unicorn foals with curious markings frolic in the wooded groves. It’s the candy unicorns! Meet the newest addition – Peach Rings Unicorn! Available for a limited time.
  • Peach Rings Unicorn is one of 26 collectible unicorns that dwell in a hidden garden in BAYALA®. Each of these special unicorn toys has a distinctive marking inspired by fruits, flowers, or sweet desserts.
  • Sadly, the unicorn’s peach marking isn’t scented…that sweet, summertime aroma you smell is just what happens when imaginations run wild with schleich®.
  • Peach Rings Unicorn and the other candy unicorn collectibles are perfectly sized for unicorn cake toppers, DIY unicorn dioramas, school projects and fairy gardens.
  • Do you think gummy candies grow on trees in the gardens of BAYALA®? We say "Sure, why not?!" Imaginations, like unicorns, are meant to run wild.
  • Loves sneaking into the birthday present pile and cozying up inside stockings during the holidays.
What's in the box: 1x Unicorn Foal, 1x poster

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