*Schleich Chameleon
*Schleich Chameleon

*Schleich Chameleon

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Just like a chameleon in the wild, the schleich® chameleon can change color: Greenish-turquoise for casual Fridays, reddish-brown for formal attire. Special temperature-activated paint gives the schleich® chameleon toy its unique color-changing abilities, so don't be suprised to find it lounging in your sunroom.
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The chameleon is perfectly prepared for life in trees with its clawed feet and strong curly tail. So it can cling to branches with its body without being blown down by the wind. Of course it can also camouflage itself by adapting the color of its scaly skin to the tree or rock it happens to be sitting on. But sometimes it changes color when it wants to attract attention. Can your chameleon grab your attention like that?

Additional Information
  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN. Realistic enough to blend in with chameleons in the wild…that's some real camouflage!
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. Durable enough to withstand predators, rough 'n' tumble toddlers, and long car rides.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED. A schleich® toy chameleon in a child's hand is a passport to a world of imagination.
  • GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS. Perfect size for wild animal stocking stuffers, party favors, gift bags, and animal gifts under $10.
  • CHANGES COLOR! Heat-activated to change colors, just like a real chameleon – no wonder this chameleon toy is often found sunning on your window ledges.
Content: 1x Chameleon
Age Recommendation: 3-8 years
Dimensions: 3.937 x 1.2205 x 1.7717 inch
Pieces: 1 Item

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