*Schleich Dinosaurs Gallimimus
*Schleich Dinosaurs Gallimimus

*Schleich Dinosaurs Gallimimus

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The Gallimimus – lovingly known as "the chicken mimic" – is the ostrich of the dinosaur world. This birdlike dinosaur makes a fine-feathered friend for dino-loving kids and bird enthusiasts.
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Watch out! The Gallimimus is about to run by! Yikes – it’s disappeared again! The dinosaur can run so fast that you can easily lose sight of it. Maybe that’s why you should keep it close. That way, you can take your time admiring this dino, which has feathers on its front legs, an elegant long neck and a thick beak, like a bird. It can’t fly, but the Gallimimus doesn’t need to, because it can just run away at lightning speed instead!

Additional Information
  • REALISTIC TOY DINOSAURS. No cartoon dinosaurs here – like every schleich® dinosaur toy, Gallimimus is crafted to look like the real thing.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. Hold it in your hand – you'll instantly recognize the exceptional craftsmanship and product quality.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED. So rich in texture your kids might lose themselves in a world of imagination.
  • DINOSAUR GIFTS FOR KIDS. Give the gift of storytelling – Gallimimus fits in gift bags, stockings, and epic prehistoric adventures.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL! The schleich® Dinosaurs play world is teeming with lifelike dinosaur figures from the age of giants.
Age Recommendation: 4-12 years
Dimensions: 8.5039 x 1.7323 x 3.5827 inch
Content: 1 Gallimimus

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