*Schleich Eldrador Granite Wolf
*Schleich Eldrador Granite Wolf

*Schleich Eldrador Granite Wolf

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Watch out: The Granite Wolf is stalking the realms of Eldrador! Lurking among the rocky terrain of Stone World, the Granite Wolf is a fiendish monster to behold. Those crystal spikes and razor-sharp fangs strike fear into any creature that crosses his path. Suitable for kids ages 5 and up.
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The Granite Wolf creeps through the night like a dangerous shadow. Its green eyes shimmer ominously. It’s on the lookout for easy prey it can seize with its sharp fangs. If you look closely, in the distance you will spot the green glow of its poisonous back crystals just in time. Then it’s a case of running away as quickly as possible, because the Granite Wolf is no fool.

Additional Information
  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN. Epic stories of battles, quests, bravery, and adventure unfold in Eldrador, where the Granite Wolf prowls in shadow.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. Hold a schleich® toy in your hand and you'll feel the difference – these toys raise the bar on quality.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED. From the menacing claws to the frightening snarl, you'll feel like you're part of the action.
  • MONSTER GIFTS FOR KIDS. A perfect gift for kids with giant imaginations – let their imaginations run wild!
  • TOYS FOR KIDS AGE 5 AND UP. This schleich® product is part of the ELDRADOR® CREATURES theme world and is suitable for children ages 5 and up.
Age Recommendation: 7-12 years
Dimensions: 5.748 x 2.7559 x 3.0709 inch
Pieces: 1 Eldrador Granite Wolf

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