*Schleich Eldrador Jungle Emperor
*Schleich Eldrador Jungle Emperor

*Schleich Eldrador Jungle Emperor

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The Jungle Emperor from the Schleich® ELDRADOR® theme world can camouflage himself in dangerous situations and become almost invisible. For example, for surprise attacks in the fight for ELDRADOR. Or when it’s his turn to do the dishes. He uses his magnificent shield to defend himself or as a drawing table for long train journeys. He prefers the latter.
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What looks like a tropical tree is actually our Jungle Emperor from the Schleich® ELDRADOR® theme world. Thanks to his branches, the transformation artist can camouflage himself perfectly and blend into the surroundings. This means that he can suddenly surprise his opponents in battle or to escape doing the dishes. He uses the large shield on his left arm to ward off attackers or as a table during long train journeys. His hand is perfect for holding lianas or pencils and run through the children’s room until he camouflages and hides in your pencil case. He waits there patiently until it’s time for sport and he can run again.

Fun Fact

When the jungle emperor wants to be left alone he transforms into a math textbook.

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