*Schleich Eldrador Lava Golem with Weapon
*Schleich Eldrador Lava Golem with Weapon

*Schleich Eldrador Lava Golem with Weapon

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The gigantic colossus is a real hothead: on the inside, he is made of red-hot magma; on the outside he is covered by strong cooled lava plates which protect him like armour. He becomes irritated extremely easily and doesn't waste time when it comes to putting his enemies in their place with his mighty lava axe. The weapon is so hot that he is the only one that can carry it! But he doesn't always use his axe. Anyone who gets in his way will get a taste of his mighty fists without any advance warning! But quick opponents know how to freeze the super-strong giant in his tracks: because he is so heavy, he can't run particularly fast. However, you should avoid getting your fingers burned by him...

Fun Fact: Lava Golem avoids fighting at night – his glowing appearance gives him away, making it impossible to stalk people...

6.1 x 4.33 x 7.09 inch (W x D x H)

Age Recommendation
7-12 years

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