*Schleich Eldrador Snow Wolf
*Schleich Eldrador Snow Wolf

*Schleich Eldrador Snow Wolf

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Anyone who enters the ice world had better take care ā€“ the snow wolf will definitely be lying in wait somewhere! With his white fur, he can move almost unseen in the snow and then, at the right moment, ambush opponents! Not even the smallest movement gets past his eagle eyes and, with his fine sense of smell, he can pick up even the faintest trail. He is a loner and also very tenacious, which is why he doesn't have a problem overpowering his opponents on his own. But when he needs help, he can call up the ice dragon with his wolf howl. The icy duo's opponents are then not only trembling from the cold. The snow wolf does not like the lava world (too hot) or the water world. If he is not thirsty, for him water should be frozen.

Fun Fact: Snow Wolf would never howl at the moon at night ā€“ he doesn't want to give himself away! It's enough that he is white...

5.91 x 3.23 x 7.09 inch (W x D x H)

Age Recommendation
7-12 years

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