*Schleich Eldrador Stone Dragon
*Schleich Eldrador Stone Dragon

*Schleich Eldrador Stone Dragon

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Feel the earth tremble beneath your feet as the Stone Dragon wreaks havoc on Eldrador! With rocky scales and a deadly, crystal-tipped tail, this mountainous menace strikes fear wherever he prowls. Create epic battles and terrorize enemies with the movable jaw and tail. The clash for Eldrador rages on! Makes a great gift for kids ages 7+ with wild imaginations.
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The ground shakes. The air rumbles. Is it an earthqake? A clap of thunder? This is no storm: A mighty Stone Dragon is rampaging right toward you. Are you a goner, dinner for a starving dragon…or is he running away from an adorable llamacorn? Only you can decide where the story goes next...adventure awaits!

In a world of Lava Dragons and Ice Giants, of Stone Monsters and Shadow Panthers, Schleich® Eldrador® Creatures is erupting with characters that let your stories run wild. Invite adventure with our rich-in-detail figurines and world-expanding playsets. Every battle-ready brute in the realm of Eldrador® Creatures meets rigorous national and international safety standards. Ignite limitless storytelling with Schleich!

Fun Fact

The Stone Dragon is too heavy to fly, so it has no wings. Do you think he rides the bus to school instead?


  • Moveable jaw
  • Rotating tail
  • Detailed & Authentic. Flinty scales. Razor-sharp talons. Menacing jaws. So lifelike, all your other toys will cower in fear.
  • Epic Storytelling. Earth-shattering battles. Legendary adventures. Your sagas need characters. Our stone dragon is ready to heed the call.
  • Tough & Durable. Strong enough to stand up to lava monsters, rambunctious kids, and your little sisters unicorn tea parties.Tough & Durable. Strong enough to stand up to lava monsters, rambunctious kids, and your little sisters unicorn tea parties.
  • Build a Fantasy Creature Collection. Part of the Eldrador Creatures collection, which features fantastical creatures from the stone, lava, ice, jungle, and shadow worlds for hours of imaginative play and storytelling (each sold separately).
  • Awesome Dragon Gifts for Kids. His favorite birthday party snack is rock candy, and he loves making appearances at dragon-themed birthday parties…make a great gift for dragon lovers!
Dimensions: 6.89 x 2.87 x 4.92 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation: 7-12 years

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