*Schleich Farm World Belgian Draft Horse
*Schleich Farm World Belgian Draft Horse

*Schleich Farm World Belgian Draft Horse

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Who is the broad-chested new horse at the stables? It’s the mighty Belgian Draft Horse from Schleich Farm World! Can’t you picture this gentle giant pulling a wagon in the town parade? Or working on the farm at harvest time? Winter, spring, summer, or fall, the Belgian Draft Horse is a must-have addition to your Farm World collection.
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Imagine you're riding through snow-covered woods in a horse-drawn carriage. A woolen blanket is tucked around you for warmth. All is quiet except the jingling sleigh bells of the draft horse as snowflakes fall gently on you. The horse pulling your sleigh is the biggest horse you've ever seen, a Belgian Draft Horse. And tucked in your coat pocket is a picture-perfect replica, a toy Belgian horse from Schleich.

Schleich farm toys for toddlers and kids introduce the endless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From little donkey foal figurines to big barns filled with horses and cows, Schleich Farm World has all the animal figures and farmer figures and sets you need to let your stories run wild! For even more action and adventures, our farm toys and figures play well with Schleich unicorn toys, dinosaur toys, wild animal figures and toy horses! Schleich playsets are built to last. All our toys meet the highest national and international safety standards.

Fun Fact

A Belgian Draft Horse named "Big Jake" is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest horse alive at more than 20 hands high! Do you think he's in charge of getting things off the top shelf in the stables?

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name : Equus ferus caballus
  • Global Home : Worldwide
  • Conservation Status : Domesticated
Dimensions: 5,51 x 1,73 x 4,69 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation: 3-8 years
  • Detailed & Authentic. So realistic, so lifelike, you can almost see yourself riding in a hay-filled wagon pulled by this beautiful Belgian.
  • Encourages Storytelling. With the lightest touch of the reins, this Belgian Draft Horse carries you away to a world of adventures, fun, and friendship, where imaginations run wild and stories never have to end.
  • Quality You Can Feel. Hold a Schleich toy horse in your hand, and you'll instantly realize: This is a toy you can pass down as a keepsake to your kids and grandkids.
  • Perfect for Farm Dioramas. Building a working farm diorama or school project? Our Belgian Draft Horse figure is a hard worker and ready to carry the load.
  • Awesome Gifts for Horse Lovers. Shopping for a gift for someone who loves horses? Our Belgian Draft Horse toy figurine is the perfect addition to holiday stockings, birthday gift bags, and Easter baskets.

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